The Golf Club 20/06

Malholland drives to victory!

Monday 20th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Corey Cusatis (20) 39 points

T 2nd – Bob Mulholland (9) 38 points

T 2nd – Peter Hynard (11) 38 points

Post Brexit golf just got 6% more expensive in Pattaya as the UK has pulled out of the European Union and the pound sterling took a big hit. We hit 46.5 (Pound to the Baht) at one stage on Thursday but when those yellow TT exchange booths rolled down their shutters for the night, the bounce was up to 48 baht to the pound. I believe most British expat golfers here would still say we are getting a great deal on our golf in Pattaya!


Peter Hynard, Corey Cusatis and Bob Mulholland back in TGC.

Green Valley is returning to greatness, today the lads reported near perfect conditions even though we only had a small turnout of just 12 golfers.

First off, the near pin was awarded to Capt. Phil who was the only bloke in his group to even hit the green! The 20-footer could not be negotiated (caddy no good!) so Phil settled for a tap in par. Mr. Hynard and Mr. Mulholland both had sweet 38’s on the card but Mr. Cusatis had other ideas. One shot better found Corey the winner as he returns to his winning form of last month with a strong 39 to close out the field.

Wednesday 22nd – Wangjuntra Highlands – 2-man Scramble – White Tees

T 1st – Mark Bamber/ David Hewson (5.6) 62.4 net

T 1st – Bob Mulholland/ Steve Ellison (10.6) 62.4 net

Two or three times a year we book an adventure trip out here to the middle of nowhere at Wangjuntra Golf Park. There are three 18-hole golf courses at this “Golf Park”, the Valley, the Jungle and our task today, the Highlands. Quoting the great Leonard Nimoy, “It’s golf Jim, but not as we  know it” would be a quite fitting description here, hence the scramble format. This is an unfair and extreme golf course, which is why we love it!

The complex sits on a thousand acre plot, up in the mountains and how the heck they built (and maintain) the three courses is some achievement. The size of some of the greens are just crazy huge and 100 foot putts are not uncommon. We found the course today to be wet, and the remains of a few scorched greens still linger from the searing sun and droughts of the springtime. Never mind, it is still very playable, very enjoyable and the looks on the faces of the first-timers priceless!

There was just a 12 man road trip today but the 90 minute drive put none of us off. We actually found a better way to come back as there is a cut through about 5 clicks from the exit gates then left at the traffic light to the 3245 and you end up on the 3027 with Pattana on your right. We reckon it saves about 10 clicks and it is a good road.

Bob Mulholland and I ended up playing with co-winners Mark Bamber and David Hewson, so it was an interesting afternoon of ups and downs and the lead going back and forth as those lads were making some amazing putts of 15 feet and more. Everything was dropping! We had a  bit of a rain delay after the 14th, the Beautiful Beast, but not before my partner Bob had an eagle chip in from 110 yards! It was that kind of a crazy afternoon of golf! The weather cleared and we finished the round in perfect, but a bit wet, conditions.

On the 17th, the last par 3, it was Capt. Phil who once again had his name on the sheet. Phil was about 24 feet from the pin, but when Bob’s ball came to a stop, we could see he had him beat by a good stride. Congrats go to Mr. Mulholland for the near pin, and for carrying my 97 kilo frame for the last 17 holes. I still had one drive left to play, so on the 18th there was no choice and it somehow got us halfway to the hole. A tighter contest I have not had in ages as our joint 62.4 scores had us share the win, and rightly so with two pars on the last!

Friday 24th – Laem Chabang B & C – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Bob Mulholland (9) 39 points

2nd – Yasu Higuchi (17) 34 points

3rd – Fred Birch (20) 33 points

This is one of Pattaya’s best golf courses and a trip to Laem Chabang always brings out the best in us.  Bigger numbers today saw a full field of 20 golfers hit the links. A great course, a great deal and great condition all make Laem Chabang one outstanding golf venue. We can get here from TGC in just 28 minutes, such is the benefit of Highway 7. How much longer this link will be free and how much the powers that be will charge at those soon to be opened toll booths is anyone’s guess. Right now we are getting away with it but certainly by high season the penny will drop, literally.

This Jack Nicklaus course was in great shape and the recently remodelled facilities are fantastic value for just 2,300 baht all in.

Our man in Hong Kong, Barry Collier, swung to near pin honours and good to get Barry back after 4 long weeks of slaving over a corporate jet.

Fred Birch has been gone for far too long as well, so good to see Fred back in action and returning to the podium again. Yasu Higuchi is another Japanese visitor joining us on a regular basis, and 34 at this course is good going indeed.

There’s that Scotsman once again, and Friday ends a terrific week of winning ways for Bob Mulholland, who dominated golf this week at The Golf Club. Bob’s 39 points were never in doubt for a great win and a win on Wednesday and second on Monday cap off some strong play. Nice shooting Bob!

Thanks to all who joined us this week for another great week of amazing golf in the Kingdom.

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