The Golf Club 17/03

TGC write up for 13th – 17th March

Steve Ellison


Brett banks a beauty!

Monday 13th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Peter LeNoury (14) 42 points

2nd – Fred Birch (16) 40 points

3rd – Alan Rothwell (7) 39 points


Fine weather and good friends always make for a great day of golf. Today we had 24 of our friends join us for the comp and Green Valley was the venue.


Most days here, 39 points would surely be enough for the crown, but Alan Rothwell only got third place on the podium. Fred Birch was one shot ahead for second, but it was all Peter LeNoury today.


Like Pete says, “even a blind squirrel gets the nuts sometimes” and with a few good members bounces, Pete tallied up 42 points on the card. Not only that, but Pete claimed the near pin as well for plenty of nuts to go around.


Tuesday 14th – Greenwood A&B – Stableford – Yellow Tees

T-1st – Ray Powell (19) 41 points

T-1st – Bryan Carroll (21) 41 points

T – 3rd – Bud O’Meara (17) 38 points

T – 3rd – Richard Goodwyn (18) 38 points

T – 3rd – Peter Thomas (18) 38 points


One of the most popular venues we play was on the schedule for today’s comp, and a full card of 28 turned up for Greenwood. All three nines here are enjoyable so I never bother to ask for an allocation with the knowledge that all will be good. This is one of the few courses that you could say there was not a “stupid hole” in the layout.


We are still getting a good turnout here on LK Metro and 7 groups went out. Condition of the course was excellent and even the heat was bearable with the breeze.


It turned out to be a successful day for the seniors and I don’t even want to add up the ages of all those stood on the podium. Let’s just say there was a lot of experience up there on display and leave it at that.


A trio of 38’s took the tie for third place, but the likely lads were Ray Powell and Bryan Carroll winning with 41’s on the card. Galwayman Bryan only has a few more rounds before returning back to his home in the sunny north of Scotland for the summer. Londoner Ray will be with us for a while, so the smart money is on him for a partner in the next scramble!


Thursday 16th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Brett Chan (16) 42 points

2nd – Kenny Aihara (6) 38 points

T-3rd – Bryan Carroll (22) 36 points

T-3rd – Ishi Masao (18) 36 points

T-5th – Robbie Taylor (15) 35 points

T-5th – Richard Goodwyn (18) 35 points


For such a difficult golf course, there were some fine scores turned in today and one from a bloke who had never played here before. There were ties at the 35 and 36 point mark for 5th and 3rd respectively. Kenny Aihara led the breakaway group for a while at 38 points…great scoring for Pattavia! Kenny once had a 5-putt here, and I know he appreciates it when I remind him of that. Seems like he has learned from that one! Fellow countryman Sakai Yasao took the Caddy Smile near pin trophy.


Today was a special one for Brett Chan, who was playing here for the first time. Oblivious to the fact that these greens are treacherous, Brett carried on and at the end his card showed a big blue 42 circled up at the top! Yes, this course can cause some golfers to seek the Samaritans after the round, but certainly not Brett!


Friday 17th – Plutaluang Navy – Stableford – White Tees


1st – Kenny Aihara (6) 36 points

2nd – Herbert Stel (10) 34 points

3rd – Zed Belogavec (21) 32 points


Frist off, the Caddy Smile project would like to thank all who entered the near pin comp, as nobody even hit the green! Fear not, 100% of that comp money will go towards assisting our local caddies with their dental issues and helping them with their health and self-esteem here in ”The Land of Smiles”. Phil Smedley and Dave Ferris are the guys here that make all that happen, so put a smile on their face and buy the boys a beer!



The Navy course attracted a smaller turnout than usual with only 14 golfers wishing to play today. It is common knowledge there are maintenance issues here, but the layout and setting are still a big attraction. All of the first-timers had nothing but praise, so when you balance price and condition, it is still a winner.


A tidy podium saw a 1-2-3 finish for Zed (Scrabble points) Belogavec, Herbert (the Good Doctor) Stel and Kenny (Surfer-dude) Aihara. Top of the heap was Kenny-chan who loves it here. A bridesmaid yesterday at Pattavia, Kenny sorted his game out today, and has he grown a metre, or is it just me?


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