The Golf Club 15/12

Robbie finds heaven at 47!

Monday 11th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Steve Coghlan (36) 42 points

2nd – Peter Thomas (22) 39 points

T-3rd – Thierry Danzas (25) 38 points

T-3rd – Alain Hefner (15) 38 points


Guys that have been coming here for years say this is the best condition that they have ever seen Green Valley. The weather is just about perfect these days so golf in Pattaya is at its’ best right now. Our two Frenchmen, Thierry and Alain had to share a podium spot with 38 points on the card. A slimmed down Peter Thomas carded 39 points on the day and has received an ice cream ban from Capt. Phil for the rest of the year.


It seems Steve Coghlan either runs hot or cold and will shoot 24 points or, as today, 42 points. Today was his day and dropped several good putts for an easy win over the rest of the field. Nice going to Steve and also to our visiting friend from the Czech Republic, Eva Solcova who claimed the near pin.

Blake Hanna, Robbie Taylor and Alan McKendry


Tuesday 12th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Robbie Taylor (15) 47 points

2nd – Alan McKendry (12) 42 points

3rd – Blake Hanna (18) 40 points


We played from the forward tees this morning and judging from the scores, maybe we were too kind! This is one of our favourite golf courses in Pattaya and while the greens can often be cruel, you will have a great day of golf out here.


Today was all Robbie Taylor and the Gods of Golf were on his side as his playing partners watched him sink everything. It was one of those days (why don’t I get them anymore?) for Mr. Taylor and it is obvious he could do no wrong.

Sean, Franjo, Josef and Cary in the winners circle.


Thursday 14th – Parichat Links – 1-Man Scr. – Yellow Tees

1st – Josef Birchberger (15) 46 points

T-2nd – Kerry Smith (17) 44 points

T-2nd – Sean Hastings (18) 44 points


Ok, those are all great scores but first look at the fine print. This was a one-man scramble out there today, hence the big numbers. Josef finally got in the money after playing with us for a few years and his 46 only needed 4 Mulligans, so a great round for Josef. Kerry and Sean also done good out there and 44 points was a pretty good result also. Franjo took our Caddy Smile near pin today.


With this format, it is just a fun day of golf doing something different. You get one Mulligan every hole and can use it on the tee, approach, green or anywhere. Once you declare, then that is the ball in play. Try it sometime and enjoy the luxury of getting to hit that terrible shot over again! This scramble works great at Parichat, try it sometime and you will enjoy this course a lot more than you normally would.


Friday 15th – Mountain Shadow – Stableford – Blue Tees

1st – Mark Wood (8) 36 points

2nd – Kenny Aihara (7) 35 points

3rd – Nate Welchert (15) 31 points


Seemed a bit dodgy playing off the blue tees here at first, but when it measures out to just 6,300 yards, it was the correct distance. The course was in good condition and everyone experienced a great day out.


Our buddy Nate came down from Korat where he is working with the Royal Thai Air Force and had a jump on a weekend getaway. 31 points for Mr. Welchert gets third place today. We finally got Kenny away from watching the NFL and his Patriots for a day of golf and 35 is good enough for second. Mark Wood was the story of the day and wins it all with 36 as well as getting the near pin for a well-earned victory.


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