The Golf Club 13/10


Serenity in Kabinburi!

Richard, J.P. and Gary après-golf back at the club.

Monday 9th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – J.P. Thomas (31) 41 points

2nd – Richard Kings (28) 39 points

3rd – Gary Emmett (15) 36 points

All courses in Pattaya are wet these days. It is just something we have to deal with this time of year, but so far we have had pretty good luck with most of the rain coming at night.

As per usual in these conditions, we play lift, clean and place to make it fair for everyone whether starting early or late. It was warmer and a bit muggy out there today; it did not rain but we did get drenched!

The lady took the top prize today with an impressive 41 points. Jareeporn Thomas is the (far) better half of a much slimmed down Peter Thomas and so far his investment has paid off well. Second place went to “The Sheriff” and Richard Kings 39 was a solid score.

We don’t play on Wednesdays, but our buddy Gary Emmett does and is running this outing from our mates at I-Rovers just a lob wedge away from The Golf Club. Gary is one of our regulars and off his 15 ‘cap turned in 36 points for third. If you are looking for a Wednesday game then get hold of Gary. Rounding off the results, Pierre Gaymer got the Caddy Smile near pin again, and is getting good at it!

Tues. 10th – Wed. 11th – Kabinburi – Eclectic – Yellow Tees

Mark, Jimmy, Marco and Adam on the 16th tee at K.B.S.C.

1st – Mark Wood (11) 45 points

2nd – Chaten Patel (10) 42 points

3rd – Jimmy Brackett (5) 41 points

Up the 331 again for another easy getaway to Kabinburi. This time we were stopped by two police roadblocks on the way, but no problems as we are all good and legal anyway.

We always stay with Oliver at The Serenity Spa & Onsen which is a fantastic hotel with great French and Thai food. It is the best lodgings we have on our tour rota.

The Kabinburi Sports Club is the longest golf course in Thailand at 8,075 yards from the back “Kato” tees. We chose the Peter Sellars option “not now Kato” and played the yellows. They played 6,250 yards but with little or no roll, it was the correct decision.

The golf course is a beauty, and keeps getting better. They have added dozens of big palm trees on the 16th par-3 tee box making it one of the prettiest holes on the course. On our first day, there must have been 100 workers on the course and nearly every hole was being attended to.

After the first round, it was back to the pool for our wine and cheese party sponsored by the C.E.O. of T.G.C., John McHugh. As usual, too much was consumed and the results from day 1 were a bit muddled.

Never mind, back in the pool for another session.

Weather was all around us but we never had a drop on the course. It was humid but overcast and the trip went very well indeed. The scoundrels who scored were Jimmy Brackett, who likes this course, Chaten Patel, always in the mix, and stalwart Mark Wood taking control of the situation for the eclectic win.

Friday 13th – Parichat Links – 1-Man Scramble – White Tees

1st – J.P. Thomas (28) 40 points

2nd – Charles Domingo (18) 39 points

3rd – Rob Knight (13) 36 points

This is a bit of a wacky golf course, hence the unique format of a

1-Man Scramble. This game allows for a mulligan on every hole, either on your drive, approach or on the green and makes the game a lot more fun and interesting. We heard a lot of complaints about the difficulty of this course, but now it is much more popular when getting another shot comes in play. Your score does not count to your handicap and it is really just a fun day of relaxed golf.

Our mate Kiwi Rob had a good time and returned 36 on his card for sole third place. Newcomer and local Charlie Domingo had a blast out there and was rewarded with 39 Stableford points.

J.P. rounds off her terrific week with the win, and obviously chose well which shots to take over again. That turned out to be a good thing as hubby Peter needs to pay for about 14 golf balls he left in the waters here.

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