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TGC write up for 27th Nov. – 1st Dec.

Steve Ellison


The Pattern is Tartan!


David Rose, Bob Catlow and Bob Mulholland après-golf at TGC

Monday 27th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Andy Makara (31) 43 points

T-2nd – Fred Birch (19) 39 points

T-2nd – Ken Kane (25) 39 points

4th – Ian Brimble (8) 38 points


It was another full comp today as 28 golfers set out to our regular Monday venue of Green Valley. The new entrances to this grandiose complex of the rebranded Barcelona Valley project are coming along quite nicely. This looks to be a vast improvement to the trio of courses here, so be prepared for more increased green fees to pay for it.


This company also owns Toscana Valley up in Khao Yai which is the largest golf resort housing development in Thailand and is quite impressive and very expensive. It seems they are positioning Barcelona Valley a more modest option, but still exquisite.


There is also a new course being built here, but there doesn’t seem to be much work going on at the moment while the entrance is under construction. In a few years’ time when it is all completed, Pattaya will have yet another luxury golf community on our doorstep.


43 points were on Andy Makara’s scorecard today and nobody could beat that. He won here last week as well and no change to the handicap indicates an anomaly in the system, but that is how it is. Fred Birch and Ken Kane tied for second on 39 and our cigar chomping buddy Ian Brimble has a fine 38 to complete the podium. Thanks go to David Rose for getting the near pin, yet missing the birdie putt, thus saving yours truly a drinks token!


Capt. Phil greets Bob Mulholland, Robbie Taylor and Larry Gilliam


Tuesday 28th – Khao Kheow B & C – Stableford – Yeller Tees

1st – Bob Mulholland (7) 38 points

T-2nd – Bob Catlow (20) 37 points

T-2nd – David Rose (3) 37 points


Judging by the numbers it would seem that Khao Kheow has become our second home after Green Valley. I try to schedule our golf events at least 3 times a month here, it is so popular. The ladies at the desk are very helpful for bookings and the management are professional and have a realistic approach to our local green fees, even in the high season.


The course has been pretty spectacular lately and this should continue throughout the year. David Rose has been in the golf industry for many years and thinks Khao Kheow is one of the best around, and he should know. Dave had a 37 here today as did Bob Catlow for a second place tie. Kenny Aihara got off an iron shot without a shank for our Caddy Smile near pin!


Bob Mulholland has got things working his way these days. It is rare for him not to find the fairway, and that usually means about 270 yards down, and in the middle. Bob takes the win and enough for a few more glasses of white wine back at the club!


We wish our pal David Rose a good trip back and our thanks for travelling half way round the world to join us again. Take care buddy!


Thursday 30th – Silky Oak – Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – Bob Mulholland (6) 67 net (cb)

2nd – Robbie Taylor (15) 67 net

3rd – Larry Gilliam (20) 68 net (cb)

4th – Phil Smedley (12) 68 net


Our November Monthly Medal was well attended to set the stage for the battle royale in stroke play for the lads. There was some concern about Silky Oak as the venue, but as the scoring shows it was a challenge some were suited to. Myself not included!


This golf course has some very memorable holes and the rolling landscape is a canvas for many lovely photos, just like St. Andrews. Condition was very good save for a couple of greens that had some sort of disease that caused patches of rings on the surface. That new drinks stand on top of the hill is open and serving now, with views of the new course in progress.


Capt. Phil phinally got to the podium with a respectable 68, just losing to Larry Gilliam on countback. Robbie Taylor was in the same boat, with the countback working against him but never mind, getting second was a great result out there today. Congrats Robbie, that is good stuff mate.


I had the good fortune to play with Bob Mulholland today so I got to witness one fine round of golf, the Scottish way. Steady and consistent with no blow out holes, Bob managed his route around Silky Oak beautifully for a well-deserved win. After Tuesday’s win, seems there is a pattern here!


He also nailed the near pin, and this time I am happy to buy the wine for his easy birdie from just 20 inches. Yes Bob, I know you are a 2-star winner on that shirt!


Friday 1st – King Naga – Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Bob Catlow (20) 42 points

2nd – Alan McKendry (11) 40 points

3rd – Kenny Aihara (7) 37 points


OK, we have a new venue in Pattaya, or should I say the return of an old friend? We used to come out here 15 years ago when it was called Great Lake and close to being a goat track, as the saying goes. It really did suck, but the layout and price were a combination we could not say “no” to.


A decade later there was a change of management and behold…Rayong Country Club was born and things were a little better. We still had a green fee that was cheaper than the caddy fee which was always a quirky talking point. The course design here was never in question; Nick Faldo plotted this out long before he was knighted and the results were beautiful.


These days this is a much improved golf course as well as many of the hotel buildings renovated to a good standard. Greens as well as fairways are still a bit patchy but for the money it is worth a try. If we don’t support it, how can they improve it?


The name King Naga is apparently a mythical Thai dragon-serpent from ancient times and is used for their logo here. None were seen anywhere on the course.


On to the scoring and we see Kenny Aihara back on the podium on 37 points for third, and visiting Alan McKendry with a sweet 40 for sole second. Bob Catlow did himself one better than his Tuesday showing for the big win at level 42! Tony Mac was all over it for the near pin and thankfully missed his birdie putt…cheers mate!


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