The Golf Club 10/11

TGC write up for 6 – 10 Nov.

Silky smooth for Gary Emmett!

Monday 6th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Jareeporn Thomas (28) 42 points

2nd – David Rose (3) 41 points

3rd – Andy Makara (30) 40 points

4th – Butch Furneaux (12) 39 points

5th – Phil Smedley (12) 38 points


See those numbers above? Only one point separated the top 5 places, now what are the odds of that? It was a close comp out there today as 28 golfers took on the task of Green Valley which is now in perfect shape again.

Hole in one Pete with J.P., Butch and David Rose


J.P. Thomas was in winning form again, even as Phil cuts her handicap she has gone from a 38 to a 28 in under a year and keeps getting better. PGA Pro David (nicest guy in town) Rose burned it up with a birdie streak to clench a round 5 strokes better than his 3 handicap.


The Caddy Smile near pin went to our long time buddy Ron Robertson (R2 to his fans) and just might be the second nicest guy in town. Don’t worry Ron, Dave leaves in 2 weeks.


We had a newcomer today who just may have set a record. So here’s the deal. Peter Dickson gets talked into coming to our sleepy little fishing village by old mate Ron Pilnick. Pete is playing his first ever round in Thailand. Pete steps up to the 5th tee box and eyes down the 168 yards to the pin. Pete hits a great shot. Pete gets a hole in one! Let me know if you have heard of anything like that before!


Tuesday 7th – P.S.C.  Monthly at Burapha


Please see all results from the Pattaya Sports Club Monthly Members Tournament on their website.


Thursday 9th –Silky Oaks – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Gary Emmett (14) 46 points

2nd – Jareeporn Thomas (24) 42 points

3rd – Mitch Black (11) 41 points


Is Silky Oaks getting easier or something? I mean, what’s the deal with these scores? 41 points gets you third place? Well, we are happy for Mitch Black as he rarely gets a podium finish, and this was a good one. On any other week it could have easily been a winner so sorry about that Mitch.


Phil has cut J.P. to a 24, but she still keeps winning. It seems the lady has the skills on board that 37 kilo frame, so to get urban on ya for just a moment…you go girl!


In my 17 years here, I have noticed Thai ladies are very good at all kinds of sports. Get your mind out of the gutter for a moment and hear me out. Whether it is bowling, darts, of course shooting pool, or even lawn bowls, they do seem to catch on quickly and J.P. is no exception. Hubby Peter may be the only bloke in Pattaya who has made money from his investment!


Now let’s have a chat about Mr. Emmett. It was obviously a dream day where everything went perfectly and the Gods of Golf were on his side. It does feel amazing for us hacks (sorry Paul) to have an amazing afternoon on the fairways every 4 or 5 years. It gives us hope and something to boast about with our mates and that is a rare feat in the cruelest game of all.

Gary must have been walking on air, but he showed up for the presentation fairly calm and collected after such a precious round. Well done mate, a well-deserved win and one for the memory banks!

Bob Mulholland, Kenny Aihara, Gary Bright and David Rose back home at TGC


Friday 10th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Kenny Aihara (6) 36 points

2nd – Gary Bright (11) 34 points

3rd – David Rose (3) 33 points


He’s baaaack! It seems that Kenny Aihara has found some of that old mojo once again and put it to good use today at Pattavia. This course is one of our favourites and high on the playlist for the monthly schedule. Shooting to your handicap here is job well done!


Gary Bright shone through for second place and a lot of 3’s were in David Rose’s future being a 3 handicap, shooting 33 and coming in 3rd ! I wonder if Ken is just warming up for the next medal!


Great to see Mr. Bob Mulholland back with us for a few weeks and the amicable Scotsman took the Caddy Smile near pin today.


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