The Golf Club 05-09/06

                        Treasure Hill The Winner !

Many believe this course is just too difficult. Is it an urban myth?

It really does not seem any tougher than say a Khao Kheow or a Pattana, but there are not many golfers can play to handicap here. Of course there are exceptions, and a good golfer having a good day can do it.

Today was not the day. Our lowest handicapper was the only one to get close. Jacob Cummings, h/cap 7 scored a creditable 34 points to take the honours, while Selwyn Yates made a valiant attempt getting to 32 points and second place.

The remainder, apart from Toby Glass who did not play in the comp,had scores not worth mentioning.

It seems the biggest talking point after the game, and the best excuse for low scores, was the hole placements. It was suggested that the hole placements had not been changed for some days, with the consequence being the grass growing up around the rim forming a defensive barrier.

As the putt was heading on line the ball would either stop short of dropping in or be sent off course, which did make for some frustration. The only way to beat that was to attack and hit the back of the hole. It took some bravery to ‘have a go’. If you missed it was two shots back. My playing partner, Greg Perfrement had a particularly frustrating day, but was still able to laugh afterwards. That’s the spirit!

It always makes one wonder why this course is not teeming with golfers. At the price of 1150 bht G/F, Cady, Cart and a very well maintained course, why ?? Today we managed only 10 players to make the trip. There were a couple of groups of Thai golfers ahead of us, who called two of our groups through, much appreciated. But that appeared to be the total. Maybe some more in the afternoon. My regular Caddy had not worked for 3 days due to lack of numbers.!!

A nice smooth drive back to Links Bar for the “ shortened “ presentations by Len and into the Spaghetti Bolognese,everyone having a good laugh about the day over their favourite tipple.

Winner…….Jacob Cummings ( 7)……..34 pts

2nd Place…..Selwyn Yates (15)…………32 pts.


Pattaya  Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

Look for” Links Bar and Restaurant” towards the southern end of Soi Buakhow



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