The Golf Club 03-07/10

The Postman Delivers!

Monday 3rd – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – John Entsuah (11) 41 points

2nd – Kevin Hamilton (19) 38 points

3rd – Tom Nettleman (18) 37 points

Can you believe it’s October already? Only four more weeks of bargain golf so you had better get in as many rounds as you can. Today was 1,500 baht for our green fee and caddy fee but we have this same rate all through the high season here at Green Valley. Other courses will be putting theirs up, but as of this writing none of our local courses have confirmed their high season rates to the PSC.

It was another cloudy day which made for a fairly comfortable round of golf. They are still having issues with the greens here so the putting was literally hit or miss.

It was a clean 1-2-3 on the podium as Tom Nettleman raked in 37 points for third. Local and regular Green Valley member Kev Hamilton scored a respectable 38, but it was visiting John Entsuah that reeled in 41 points for the win. The Caddy Smile near pin was won by a new Green Valley member Freddy Birch, but alas the birdie was not to be. You can always blame those bumpy greens Fred!

Tuesday 4th – Phoenix Gold – Stableford – White tees

T -1st – Chris Smith (0) 38 points

T -1st – John Entsuah (11) 38 points

3rd – Dale Shier (13) 37 points

We were offered an early tee time for Phoenix Gold today so departure was 07:45, a good half an hour earlier than normal. Everyone got the memo save for one poor soul who had one of those forehead-slapping moments when he arrived to find the bus had gone and he realized his mistake. Another good thing about early tee times in October is that you will usually beat the rains.

The course was in magnificent shape and the greens were the kind we are used to, rolling fast and true. Not everyone likes the changes to the course but this is what we will have to live with.

The Caddy Smile near pin was won today by visiting Englishman Alan Young. Alan says he is George’s brother, but we are still waiting for the DNA results from the lab to verify this.

Up to the podium proper, we see our dapper buddy Dale Shier turn in a big 37 on his card. That was very nice shooting M’ludd. The win today was shared by Chris Smith, playing off a “zero” handicap…that’s scratch to you and me…but I’m not bitter, not jealous at all. Joining Chris was John Entsuah once again who is having a good run of luck these days.

“Be that as it may” Capt. Phil got the lads back to TGC before 3:00 today, which is another good reason to get in those early tee times!


Dave Ferris with John Emmerson, Dale Shier and Butch Furneaux back home.


Thursday 6th – Burapha A & B – Stableford – Yellow Tees

T -1st – Dave Ferris (19) 41 points

T -1st – John (Butch) Furneaux (14) 41 points

T – 3rd – John Entsuah (11) 40 points

T – 3rd – John Emmerson (11) 40 points

First off, we say goodbye to Butch and Rusty who have joined up with us these past few weeks and we wish them well on their respective trips back home. Butch won today with a 41 and you will remember Rusty won at Silky Oaks last week.

There was at least one great shot Dale Shier pulled out of his socks today and the well-earned near pin was all his. I am told by his playing partners that Dale took out a 7-iron for the 165 yard tester, into the wind no less, and stuck it to 2 feet. Three minutes later he was sinking the birdie putt to also win one of our new “Birdie” poker drinks chips.

The other highlight was Dave Ferris and his front nine. When a 19 handicapper bags 3 birdies to score a 24 on the front, the day is going to be a good one. Those Golfing Gods were sitting on Dave’s shoulder that morning and the postman could do no wrong. A decent 17 points on the back guaranteed Mr. Ferris a piece of the pie so congrats and kudos to you sir! There were waaaay  too many John’s up on that leaderboard anyway.

Thank you for your support of The Golf Club, and keep it in the fairway!


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