Golf Chairman Report of November 2019

Hello to all PSC Golfers, time for a few more brief words from your Golf Chairman


There are no PSC golf events this month, our next scheduled tournament will be the Club Championships to be held at Burapha A & B course on Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd of January 2020. Full details to be released soon.


Our Charity Classic will be in March, I am considering running a Valentine Scramble in February which was a great success this year, particularly as it was my first for the PSC.


The big news is the PSC has stepped up to the mark, developing their very own USGA Handicap App, available and free to all members of the PSC.
It is the first Golf Handicap App to be launched by an Officially Recognised Member Club in Thailand.

Simple to use and simple to download, just click on one of these buttons below which will take you swiftly and directly to the Google or Apple stores.






Click download and install on your Smartphone, login with your PSC ID. and your email address or telephone number as held on file at the PSC Office. You will receive a reply which will be a 4 digit number for you to enter into your phone.

There is no rush to enter this code, it does not have a time limit. However, if you request the code to be resent, the first one will not work. It is always the last code that you receive, is the one to use.

It is fully operational, although your scores after 20th September will not appear, unless we have updated them for you. You may contact the office to have the missing scores added.

Please advise us of any difficulties or problems you may experience in the next couple of weeks during our test period before we proceed with a final score update. Any update will not affect any scores you may already have entered.




Finally, keep in touch with the PSC Office, we have many vouchers available and more coming



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