Collin’s Golf Bar 10/03

Sunday 5th March

Green Valley

A good turnout today 6 groups and everyone on time at the 1st tee,We teed off right on time and there were no holdups on the course everyone round in 4 hrs 20 mins. A few more from Aus 8 in all must be getting ready for the low season . The course in good condition and getting better week by week some of the areas that have been repaired are roped off so they cannot be damaged so congrates to the green keeper.     The Aussie boys made their mark with Garry & Geoff in A flt taking 1st & 2nd with J.P.Maffray 3rd all on countback with 37 pts each. But the star of the day was Peter Thomas who started like a Pro paring the 1st 3 holes but then found the water on the 4th hole for a blob then another 5 pars in the next 8 holes then the handbrake came on for the last 6 holes to finish with 41 pts, J.T.B. had his best round for many a month with 39 pts and poor old Nick Shaw had 38 pts and paid out all day long. The Aussie boys nearly had a clean sweep on the near pins but Fred Birch pulled one back & Michele Delatraz took the longest putt.


A flt   1st  Garry Borrows   (16)          37 pts  19/13/6

2nd Geoff Bracegirdle (16)       37 pts  19/13/5

3rd J.P. Maffray         (16)          37 pts  19/12


B flt  1st Peter Thomas    (19)             41 pts

2ndJohn Deardon   (19)             39 pts

3rd Nick Shaw          (19)             38 pts


Near Pins  Greg Bates, Colin Hopkins,Fred Birch

And Geoff Bracegirdle

Longest Putt Michele Delatraz


Monday 6th March

Treasure Hill

Just 9 players today so we elected to have a 4 ball and a 5 ball.  The 1st group out Thomas Nyborg, Torben Lindgaard, Peter Sorensen & Pornthip. This was Thomas’s 1st game for 2 months and he was not his normal self to say the least. Torben was steady on the front nine with 18 pts on a course where all the pins were on a slope and lightning fast, but he tired on the back with 13 pts.1st time playing with us Pornthip got off to a flyer with 23 pts with a blob on the front, But also faltered on the back with 15 pts with 2 blobs.Peter after a poor start managed 22 pts on the front and 18 pts on the back with 2 blobs. Then came the 5 ball Nigel Harrison,Alistair Gall,Peter Shaw & the Donkey back on his old stamping ground, Like I said the greens were very tricky but the Donkey managed to get a respectable17 pts on the front but the back was a different story 12 pts. Pete Shaw was going well but 2 blobs on 7&8 spoilt a good start, another 2 blobs in the next 3 holes but 16 pts in the next 6 holes gave him a creditable 33 pts, Tony Fay had a miserable day with 4 blobs and 6 1 pointers for a total 21 pts. Alistair had his worst 1st nine ever but pulled it backwith a strong finish with 11 points on the last 4 holes  for 27 pts.But Nigel was the man in this group with 5 blobs going out and 13 pts and a storming back with 23 pts for a total 36 pts.


1st  Peter Sorensen     (28)             40 pts

2nd Pornthip                 (38)             38 pts

3rd Nigel Harrison        (29)             36 pts




Wednesday 8th March

Royal Lakeside

A good turnout today 25 players and a lot of new faces, Royal Lakeside one of the best courses in the area and always very popular.  We arrived without mishap in 50 mins from soi Bua Khao. Check in went smoothly and we were soon out on the 1st tee and straight off no waiting ,10.00am start and the last group out by 10.35 am. The Donkey always likes this track and got off to a flyer after 7 holes 20 pts but then the cracks started to appear to finish with 37 pts ,But the shock of the day ( he must have had an ugly caddy ) Barry Oats26 pts on the front but then the image of Aidan Murray came up in the mist over the river and he came back in 17 pts for a total 43 pts.  Paul Smith fresh from Eddie Beilbys 70th birthday party last night made a rare visit claiming a 5 hcp to play like God with 42 pts and 3 near pins, Doug Crowe playing with us for the 1st time played a very solid front with 21 pts and a couple of silly putts left him with 39 pts, George Way another 1st timer also had 39 pts but with 3 blobs ( what might have been), Vincent Smyth was another with 38 pts and Brendon Mc Govern off +2 hcp with 37 pts ,The only one’s in the raiding party were the organisers Brian Orr & Paul Walia  the only one’s not to shine.


A flt  1st  Paul Smith       (5)                42 pts

2nd Doug Crowe    (10)              39 pts

3rd Vincent Smyth (16)              38 pts


B flt   1st  Barry Oats       (28)               43 pts

2nd George Way   (23)               39 pts

3rd  Colin Davis     (23)               37 pts


Near Pins    Paul Smith x 3   & Tom Hislop


Long Phut     Neil Smith


Friday 10 th March

Crystal Bay


Just 3 groups today, We arrived on time only to find that they were running late , We had the Link’s Golf Socitey in front of us and they had the Scandalic group in front of them all with extra groups so it meant 10.30 tee off instead of 10.00 am, and a slow round after that withat least 2 groups on the tee at par 3s. The 1st group out Asger Levin just arrived  from Denmark, Robert & Nicky Watkins from Hong Kong on there last game before returning and Barry Oats  this was tight on the front nine with Asger 18pts,Robert 17pts, Barry 16pts & Nicky 14pts ,but only Asger could keep the round going with another 18 pts on theback. The next group Torben Lindgaard,Mogen’s Jensen from Denmark and Stuart Brown & Larry Richards from England, This group did not set the world alight. Then came the management group from the Unique Blue Bar Martin Porter,Nigel Harrison,Paul Cornwell ( Neil was still sleeping) and the Donkey. Martin started poorly to say the least 5 pts & 6 blobs on the front, paul was a bit better with 12 pts and only 3 blobs Nigel managed 18pts  with a 4 for 4 on the 3rd hole to match the Donkey on the front, This spurred the Donkey on and with Nigel getting his 1st blob on the 10th the old dog 3 putted for a bogie then started a run of pars to canter home with 23 pts on the back and to wrap it all up the longest putt on the 18th. The Near Pins were claimed by Robert Watkins and Asger Levin.


1st   Colin Davis    (22)           41 pts

2nd   Asger Levin  (15)           36 pts

3rd   Nigel Harrison (28)        35 pts

Near pins Robert Watkins& Asger Levin

Longest Putt Colin Davis

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