Colin’s Golf 9/9

  Sunday 9th September

  Green Valley

Another good turnout for a Sunday at green valley 11 players all in the comp.Unfortunatly the cook A had a minor accident on her way to work so it was up to the Donkey to make the bacon sandwiches to keep everyone happy this seemed to spur him on after blobing the 1st hole (proably through having a greasy putter)  he played like a demon to finish with the best score for months 41pts not far behind was the man from the land of the rising sun Soichiro Nakano with 40pts followed by Greg Bates on his last game before returning to Aus  with 35 pts .the course as always in excelent condition. The 2s comp was shared by Steve Coghlan & Pierre Zbinden

1st  Colin Davis     (23)                     41pts

2nd Soichiro Nakano   (16)              40pts

3rd   Greg Bates   (15)                       35pts

















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