Colin’s Golf Bar 31/03

Sunday 26th March

Silky Oak

Switching courses today with the Singha Championship on at Green Valley so today should be good  practise for Wednesday when we are back again. The 1st group out went out 30 mins before our start time as there was a gap in the bookings, but this left a group of 5 Koreans between us so as we were left with 10 players we had to follow suit and play 2 x 5 balls.  The 1st group was Fred Birch, Dave Ferris ,Gary Emmett and Steve Coghlan . Here it was a battle for the king of the par 3’s with Fred just beating Gary with 1 under for the 5 par 3’s but then Gary played the rest of the course way out in front  4 under nett, Fred 34 pts Steve 31 pts, & Dave 25 pts. We Welcomed back from Iceland after a 3 month break  Peter Petersen back with a 3 Hcp playing with Bob & Anne Stokes, Aidan Murray & Peter Kelly. Peter Petersen was struggling with his new hcp it looked like he should swap hcps with Peter Kelly who has hit a rich vein of form with 24 pts on the front and 18 pts on the back with a blob, Anne tried to keep up with him but a 4 shot lead on the front proved too much of a hurdle to finish with 41 pts, Aidan had 5 good holes and the rest were pretty poor for 32 pts, Bob was dazed by the others scoring on the front but came back wellon the back nine. The final group Jez Lees, John Deardon, Merle Humphrys, Paul  West and the Donkey ,Here it was a battle between Paul & Merle, with Merle  storming the front with 21 pts but he failed at the final hurdle with blobs at 17 & 18 for 37 pts Paul had a good back nine of 22 pts for 39 pts, The Donkey and John  plodded round with 33 pts each While Jezz continues his nightmare with 23 pts , Its cricket for him next week.


1st  Peter Kelly       (15)              42 pts

2nd Anne Stokes    (15)              41 pts

3rd Gary Emmett   (13)              40 pts


Near Pins  Aidan Murray,Gary Emmett,Paul West & Fred Birch X 2

Longest 1st Putt  Anne Stokes


Monday 27th March


18 players today on a very wet Monday morning, a quick phone call to the course and they assure us that its not raining and the course is in perfect condition, even though it had been raining cats and dogs since 5.00 am we set out with hope in our hearts. We arrived to light rain and after 3 holes it stopped, the course was a little wet but apart from that it was in very good condition, and the rain kept a lot of people away so it was millionaires golf. The 1st group out Torben Lindgaard, Mogen’s Jensen & Nigel Harrison started out on no 10 hole. Nigel went out like a shot from a gun 12 pts from the 1st 4 holes then a 1 pt then 13 pts from the next 4 holes, Torben tried his best to keep up but2 blobs gave him 17pts after 9 holes, Mogen’s had his usual slow start, but on the back as Nigel started to put the handbrake on Mogen’s had 20pts and no blobs Torben had 18 pts with 3 blobs and Nigel 16 pts with just 1 blob. The next group Bob Stokes, Tip Briney, Alistair Gall & Pete Shaw. This was Tip’s 1st game back with 18 pts on t he front then he tired a bit on the back for 31 pts. Pete struggled apart from a short spell on the front 9 pts from 3 holes for 27 pts,Alistair also had 18pts on the front but faded on the back for 33 pts. But the surprise of the day was Bob Stokes who has been going thro a torrid time Suddenly blossomed with 21 pts front & 19pts back and not a blob in sight. The next group Neil Smith, Barry Oats,Tore Eliassen & Odd Holm Hansen this group had little to write about Barry was top score with 32 pts. Then the Donkey,Peter Petersen ,John Harrison & Pierre Zbinden. The Donkey and Pierre started out with 16pts each on the front Peter still troubled by his new hcp and John could not understand why he was hitting the ball too far with all his clubs a  problem most of us would wecome,Pierre was the only one to keep it together with 19pts on the back. Then the final group our 3 teachers from Korea Woodys ,Vee , and Mano’s these lads play 36 holes every day of thier holiday  for there own coverted Green Jacket and today it was the outsider Mano’s who shone brightest with 33 pts followed by Woodys 31pts and Vee 29pts


A flt  1st       Bob Stokes      (18)             40 pts

2nd       Mano’s   Vak       (19)         33 pts


B flt  1st   Nigel Harrison     (29)              42 pts

Near Pin’s  Nigel Harrison  X 2, Torben Lindgaard,John Harrison


Longest 1st Putt     Mano’s



Wednesday 29th March

Silky Oak

With rain forcast just 7 hardy soul’s for golf @ Silky Oak today.Overcast on the wat to Green Valley but looking good but as soon as we got out to the 1st tee the heaven’s opened up and it was a dash to the nearest shelter, after about 30 mins it started to ease off and the sky in the distance lightening. So we set off under a few protests in light rain but after about 3 hole’s it stopped completely and turned out to be a perfect day for golf. The 1st group out Nigel Harrison, Mogen’s Jensen and the Donkey on the very wet fairways it was all carry, but the Donkey does not mind a bit of mud, He had a good front nine of 20 pts but it was on the back when he came to life with 23 pts with a 3 putt on 18 . Nigel kept up his recent run of good form with a steady 16 pts on the front & also 23 pts on the back. Mogen’s having trouble with his driver changed to a 3 wood on the back and this made the difference for 32 pts. The next group out Bob & Anne Stokes. Tip Briney & Mark Williams on a flying visit from Aus. Here the scores were a bit more modest Anne had a good front nine but then started to fade until a welcome birdie & N.Pin on 16 helped her to turn in 35 pts one shot back was hubby Bob with 34 pts with 3 blobs.Tip had a slow start and a couple of blobs on the back for 31 pts. Mark was another with a good front only to fade on the back 29 pts.


1st     Colin Davis     (22)              43pts


2nd     Nigel Harrison   (27)            39 pts


Near Pin’s   Anne Stokes  & Colin Davis


Friday 31st March

Pleasant Valley

The best turnout  for a few weeks with 20 out today, the forcast a chance of rain but when we got to the course it looked fine . The course its self was very wet due to the overnight rain so we elected to play lift clean and cheat, We played from the blue tees & 8 & 12 holes from the white tees. The 1st group out was the 3 Lads from Korea on their last day, Woodys ,Vee, and Mano’s Joined by Peter Petersen. The 3 Lads were very close with thier scores with Mano’s and Woodys both on 30 pts and Vee one better with 31  pts and at last Peter was able to play to his hcp with 36 pts. The next group out an Irish /American. Kevin Mc Entee, Andy Byrne ,Matt Cronin and the Donald Trump look alike Merle Humphrys, Here it was all systems go for Matt & Andy with 20 pts each on the front, Merle was one point back with the help of a 4 pt birdie on the 5th, then it all went wrong on the back Matt & Kevin managed 17pts each but Andy and Merle collapsed with 11 & 7 pts respectively .The next group John Harrisson ,Alistair Gall,J.P. Maffray & Tip Briney this was a close fought game with John coming out on top with 36pts, J.P. 34pts, Tip 33pts & Alistair 31pts but with a N P. and a L P. The next group ½ Irish & ½ Black country Jim Reilly, Sean Soden, Mark Hayward and the Donkey, This was just a romp in the park for the Donkey 43 pts on Wednesday and one better today with a blob on the back, We are all waiting for the new Hcps to be published tomorrow. Jimmy had 30pts Mark 24pts and Sean 20pts. The final group Neil Smith, Martin Porter, Bob Stokes & Ian (san mig ) Pickles Bob was the best of this group with 35pts followed by Martin off his 39 hcp with 32 pts then Neil with28pts & Ian with 24pts.


A flt     1st     Peter Petersen    (4)          36 pts

2nd   John Harrison      (11)        36pts

3rd   Bob Stokes           (16)         35 pts


B flt     1st Colin Davis              (22)          44 pts

2nd Matt Cronin           (20)          37 pts

3rd  Tip Briney               (24)         33 pts


Near Pin’s  Merle Humphrys, Alistair Gall, Tip Briney     Jim Reilly

Longest Putt    Alistair Gall

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