Colin’s Golf Bar

Sunday 12th March

Green Valley

Another good turnout for a Sunday at green Valley, the course looking good ready for next weeks Singha Championship. Starting on time all groups got away quickly, a bit too quick as it turned out when we got to the 2nd tee there were 4 groups on the same hole, This slowly stretched it’s self out with the only wait’s on the par 3’s. peter Lenoury & Tony Fay playing together both birdied the 1st, 4 points each and one can only go downhill from there and so it did. Peter pulled it back to turn in 21 pts but it slipped away again. All the best scores were in B flight with Francis Bathurt coming out on top with 43 pts. 23 on the front and 20 pts back with no blob’s, Gary Emmett had a solid 20 pts each side beating Stan smith on countback on the last 3 holes. Francis playing partner J.P. Maffray managed to steal 1st place in A flt with 35 pts with Fred Birch having one of the many 34 pts along with the luckless Peter Lenoury.

The near pins were claimed by Francis Bathurt, John Deardon, Aidan Murray & Ian Pickles & the Long Putt by Tony Fay


A flt   1st   J.P. Maffray      (16)              35 pts

2nd  Fred Birch          (16)             34 pts

3rd  Peter LeNoury   (14)             34 pts


Bflt    1st  Francis Bathurt  (23)             43 pts

2nd    Gary Emmett (17)             40 pts

3rd  Stan Smith          (33)             40 pts


Near Pins Francis Bathurt, Ian Pickles, Jhon Deardon & Adian Murray

Longest Putt  Tony Fay


Monday 13th March

Greenwood A&B

14 players today for greenwood at the reduced rate of 650 bht green fee, No hitches with the travel apart from the Donkey forgeting his change of clothes so it was a smelly return trip. The 1st group out mogens Jensen, Torben Lindgaard, Tony Fay & Stan Smith and they set the pace and the scoring for the rest of the field, Mogen’s on a mission spent the whole of the weekend watching the golf channel and it certainly paid off 42 pts & Stan Smith not far behind with 40 pts. The next group Stuart Brown,  Asger Levin, Barry Oats & Dave Nicolson. Barry was the best of this group with 35 pts. Then the 3 ball of Alistair Gall, Pete Shaw & Per Aschant, Alistair and Pete Battled it out in a tight match with Pete 39pts and Alistair 38pts with a near pin each and Alistair with the long putt. The final groupof the Donkey Neil Smith & Nigel Harrison. It was Neils birthday today but the others were in no mood to give him anything, He took the front  with 20 pts but the other two battled back to share the back nine to leave Neil with just small change for his birthday party.


1st Mogen’s Jensen      (40)               42 pts

2nd Stan Smith               (32)              40 pts

3rd Pete Shaw                (33)              39 pts


N.P.   Pete Shaw & Alistair Gall

L.P.   Alistair Gall




Friday 17th March

Silky Oak

Just 6 out today , the low season starting early, So 2 groups of 3, out 1st Asger Levin, Nigel Harrison & the Donkey. The big hitting Asger on his last game before going home to put his arm up the back end of a cow determined to put on a good show, But it was the donkey  who showed a clean pair of heels with 22 pts on the front to Asger’s  20 pts but the Donkey got pipped on the post by Nigel getting 4 pts on the ninth for 23 pts. Then on the back it was disaster at the start for everyone with all messing up the tee shots, But Asger with 3 off the tee putting it 100 yds from the green and a gap wedge to the back of the green and knocking in the putt for an easy par, This spured him on to finish with another 20 pts on the back, The Donkey and Nigel both slipped back with the Donkey16 pts with 3 blobs & Nigel 15 pts and 2 blobs to both finish on 38 pts. The next group john Harrison,Paul West & Mogen’s Jensen all struggled with John 32 pts,Paul 31 pts & Mogen’s 30 pts. The course was in excellent condition and with no one in front we finished in 3 hrs 15 mins


!st     Asger Levin   (15)            40 pts

2nd     Colin Davis    (23)            38 pts









Sunday 19th March

Green Valley

15 Players to day with 2 no shows so we had 3 x 4 balls and 1 x3 ball. The 1st group out on the course set up for the Singha Championship in perfect condition Fred Birch, Garry Emmett, Dave Ferris, & Steve Coghlan. The 2 power houses Fred and Garry battled it out with Gary taking the front with 22 pts to Freds 21 pts, but then Fred reversed it with 17 pts to Garrys 15 pts on the back.then the French group J.P. Maffray ,Michele Delatraz, Alain Dube & Francis Bathurt, this was a tired group with J.P. the best with 33 pts. Then the 3 ball Peter Kelly, Bill Eyles & Sakai Yasuo on his last game before returning to the land of the rising sun, This was a better group with Bill top scoring with 37 pts Peter 35 pts and Sakai with 32 pts. Then the Final group The Donkey ,Ian (San Miguel) Pickles,  Aidan Murray  & Jorn Finnerup . The Donkey  fresh from 11 hrs sleep off to a flyer Birdie the 1st Blobed the 2nd  parred the next  2 for 11 pts from 4 holes with a blob ,this could not continue and so it was to be , To manage 20 pts on the front and 18 pts on the back (all under the watchfull eye of Aidan Murray noting it all down in his little black book) Ian (san Miguel) Pickles blew hot and cold on the front with 2 blobs and 19 pts , Then as the weather and the beer got warmer the scores suffered to finish with 35 pts Jorn & Adian finished 29 & 28 pts respectively.

The Near Pin’s were claimed by Jorn Finnerup & Bill Eyles and the Longest Putt by Francis Bathurt


1st     Colin Davis    (23)                38 pts

2nd   Fred Birch       (16)                38 pts

3rd     Bill Eyles        (23)                37 pts

4th  Garry Emmett (16)                37 pts



Monday 20 th March 2017

Bangpakong Riverside

10 players today with 9 in the comp.The course in perfect condition as was shown in the scoring. 2 x 3 balls and 1 x 4 ball, The 1st group out Nigel Harrison , Martin Porter & Paul Cornwell, It must have been the Harrison familys Day with Nigel unbeatable with 22 pts on the front and 24 pts on the back and both Near Pin’s Martin and Paul were a long way back. The next group Thomas Nyborg, Torben Lindgaard & Barry Oats this was a rainbow group with Thomas playing oof the Blue tees ,Torben off the yellow and Barry off the Silver, and it was Thomas playing off the 6683 yds course with 44 pts and Barry Silver 39 pts and poor old Torben 32 pts, Then the final group John Harrison,Neil Smith the Donkey & Max playing outside the comp.This was where the other branch of the Harrison family came into there own, Playing off 11hcp stormed the front to finish with a birdie on No 9 and level par for the 9 holes with 23 pts.He could not keep this upon the back with a blob at 14 leaving him 18pts for a total 41 pts, The Donkey kept up his recent run of good form with 40 pts just ahead of Neil who moaned about his bad luck all round the course.


1st   Nigel Harrison     (28)            46 pts

2nd  Thomas Nyborg  (15)            44 pts

3rd  John Harrison       (11)           41 pts


Near Pin’s    Nigel Harrison   x 2


Friday 24th March

Mountain Shadow

14 players today for Mountain Shadow just 2 no shows. When we got to the course it was not very busy and we could go straight off 2 x 3 balls & 2 x 4 balls, The 1st group out the French Boy’s J.P.Maffray,Francis Bathurt & Michel Delatraz. With all three in carts and no one in front we knew we were in for a quick round. J.P. was the only one not to have a blob (which was to be very rare today), Michel  normally very steady had 3 blobs for 32 pts,and Francis had 5 blobs & 4 pars for 28 pts. The next group Paul West, Tore Eliassen and the Donkey, Here Paul was the only one to play anywhere decent a good front but 2 blobs on the back for 33 pts.The next group back from cooler climes  Pierre Zbinden, Nigel Harrison, Barry Oats & Dave Nicolson. Here Barry playing off the white tees was out to impress his caddy and finished off impressing himself 19 pts on the front with just one blob  a nd a back nine blob free 18 pts for 37 pts. Nigel had a nightmare on the front 3 blobs and 11 pts but then 1 blob on the back for 22 pts, Dave and Neil plodded round in a daze for 27 pts each. Then the final group Bob Stokes,Peter Kelly, Neil Smith & Mogen’s Jensen. Mogens for the 2nd time in a week stood atop the podium. A very modest 12 pts on the front but 25 pts on the backsaw him overall barry to take the top spot. Peter Kelly played his usual steady self on a difficult course for 33 pts, Bob & Neil just struggled 28 & 27 pts.

The Near Pin’s were claimed by  J.P.Maffray & Colin Davis

The Longest Putt  Dave Nicolson


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