Colin’s Golf Bar 27/02

Monday 27 th Feb

Crystal Bay C&B

Tonys not Fayed by Crystal Bay

Just a small field for a Monday just 11 players, after a bit of a holdup on the motorway we got to the course just in time and straight off on C course with no one in front New comers Greg Bates & Larry Pumpa from Aus. Joined up with Tore Eliassen & John Harrison to set a fast pace which they did but to the detriment of their scores, In the 2nd group on his 2nd game since coming back from Aus. Tony Fay set the course on fire with a blistering game of 2 birdes, 10 pars & 6 bogies for a steady 50 pts off his previous handicap of 18, Leaving his playing partners shell shocked.              Then the final group of the Donkey ,Stan Stewart ,Mogens  Jensen & Torben Lindgaard. This is never a quiet group and this was no different. The daily battle between Stan & the Donkey went he same as yesterday     the UK. And Denmark finished all Square


A flt 1st  Tony Fay   (18)           50 pts

2nd Colin Davis  (22)         39 pts

3rd Torben Lindgaard       37 pts


NP  Tore Eliassen   & Larry Pumpa


LP  Ray Thirtle


 Wednesday 1st March

  Pleasant Valley

We arrived at Pleasant Valley on a very windy course and we elected to play off the blue tees with the exception of the island green playing that off the white tee, We soon found out thatat least half of theblue markers were on the black tees making it a lot harder than we expected. But still this did not deter Nigel Harrison who came out of a long slump with a sparkling 41 pts and that with blobs on No,s 7&8 .the Donkey kept up his run of good form with 21 pts on the front but then the extra length got to him on the back to finish with 36 pts,Alistair Gall was not far behind with 33 pts but yet again it was the back nine that did the damage. Of the two  near pins only one was claimed, no one got on the green on No 17


1st  Nigel Harrison    (29)           41 pts

2nd Colin Davis           (23)           36 pts

3rd  Alistair Gall          (20)           33 pts


N.P.      Tom Hislop






L.P.       Tom Hislop


Friday 3rd March

Mountain Shadow

Just 2 groups today with quite a few departing for cooler climes, and after the usual holdups on the motorway we were straight off and with no one in front a quick pace. The course was its usual self with some tricky pin positons keeping the scoring in check,  Best of the day Geoff Bracegirdle with 36 pts with 8 pars and only one blob, Then came Nigel Harrison with 33 pts and 4 blobs followed by the shadow of the donkey with just 30 pts and 4 blobs.

Geoff also got the Near Pin

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