Colin’s Golf Bar 25-26/06

Sunday 25th June

Silky Oak

2 x 4 balls today with a lot going home for the summer.We had 4 old mates come back Jim Bell, Barry Copestake, Iain Jones & Kent Gustavsson.And Barry came back with a vengeance, we all had to look on in envy 40 pts with 3 blobs right in front of the handicap Sec. ( some people have no respect ). Talking of Aidan he had one of his better day of late with 28 pts, Jim lost all of the six’es and the Donkey with his new hcp & R had 27 pts.  The other 2 under Aidan’s R Iain & Kent also struggled with 29 & 23 pts , Then there was a count back for 2nd place with J.T.B & Gary Emmett both on 36 pts. J.T.B. took it with 23 pts on the back.

Iain & J.T.B. took the Near Pin’s


1st    Barry Copestake      (24)              40 pts

2nd  John Dearden            (24)              36 pts/23


Monday 26th June

Treasure Hill

Just 7 players with 6 in the comp today at the tough  Treasure Hill. Some more new comers Barbara Cooper, Rod Brown & Manfred Hanke returned and a 1st timer Les Harris from Aus. along with Takeshi, Tip and the Donkey, they took on the course which was in perfect condition the greens the best Ive ever seen them, With a little cloud cover  the weather was perfect for golf. We teed off ½ hr early and with a 3 ball 1st we flew round the front 9 but then on the back we ran into a Thai 5 ball, but they did not hold us up. We all started slowly but after a few holes the Donkey came to life and with a birdie and near pin on the 6th maybe there’s hope for the old man yet.with 19pts on both sides his best score ever on this course ever. Barbara came 2nd with 30pts and also a near pin.


1st     Colin Davis     (19)             38 pts

2nd Barbara Cooper (41)          30 pts


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