Colins Golf Bar 23/04

A good turnout for our 1st day at Silky Oak for quite a while, 26 players with 24 in the comp , So 5 near pins & 1 longest putt with 2 flights and three places each. While there were a lot of good scores there were also a lot of horrible scores as well, as the scribe can testify. At the new layout on the 15 hole with 24 cards returned the total score on that hole was can only get better with time. In Aflt it was Gabe Dakwa who copped best with a splendid 41 pts, followed by Ian ( san mig) Pickles with 39 pts with 18pts on the back and the ever present  Fred Birch also 39 pts but losing out on the back 6.  B flt  It was Stan Smith’s turn to top the podium also with 39pts & 18 on the back and welcome back to Frank Tordeur another 39pts but only 16pts on the back, and straight off the overnight plane from Japan Aki Yamamoto 34 pts on the front and a total collapse on the back. All the near Pin’s and Longest putts were shared out to 6 different golfers


A flt   1st  Gabe  Dakwa   (15)

2nd Ian Pickles        (16)

3rd Fred Birch         (15)


B flt   1st Stan Smith         (31)

2nd Frank Tordeur   (19)

3rd Aki Yamamoto   (20)


Near Pin’s Frank Tordeur, Paul West, Peter Lenoury

Ian Pickles, Fred Birch.

Longest Putt John Heffernan


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