Colin’s Golf Bar 1/9

Sunday 27th August

Silky Oak

The Donkey Romps to a Hat trick


Not a lot of people signing up for golf today with most electing for an extra couple of hrs. in bed and then watch the fight, So it was to be 6 die hard golfers who turned up at Silky Oak to find the course packed to their amazement and so was St Andrews as well with a big competiton on there . Our 2 3 balls were behind a 2 ball and a 3 ball who were following a 5 ball. We wished we had stayed at home to watch the fight. Only Stuart Mann played anywhere decent on one of the easiest courses in the area with 37 pts, The Steve & Gary duo both had 34 pts Simon Kendal on his 1st game back 33 pts with the Donkey a further shot back and J.T.B. the strongest man on the day


1st   Stuart Mann    (21)              37 pts

2nd  Steve Coghlan (34)              34 pts/20


Monday 28th August

Khao Kheow    A & C


We arrived at Khao Kheow to find they had had 4 hrs of torrential rain last night and the course was very very wet with the lakes and streams overflowing. It was not suprising to find the car park empty , we had one cancellation so we went out as a 5 ball. Carts were not allowed on the fairways so it was lift ,clean ,and cheat the order of the day. The weather looked promising cloudy but dry and everything went well with the group tightly matched on  the front nine with the Donkey in the lead with 19 pts and 1 bolb. On the 2nd nine we meet up with a slow 5 ball who would not let us through and this seemed to affect some of the players, But the sun had come out and it turned out to be a beautiful day, The Donkey & Simon had a bit of a battle with the Donkey  coming out on top


!st      Colin Davis     (20)             38 pts

2nd    Simon Kendal  (13)           33 pts


Wednesday 30th August


7 today for a rain soaked Bangpra, we passed the reservoir on the way in and its almost up to the road I don’t know how they are going to cope with the heavy rains of the next 2 months. The course was very wet with carts confined to the cart paths only but the greens were in the best condition I have ever seen them still fast down hill but slow up but nice and soft with all the rain but putting true.We welcomed back Gerald Lambert, Thierry Temime & Tore Eliassen and we sent them out in the 1 st group and even with Lift Clean & Cheat they all struggled with 26 pts the best of the group and Tore said he was shattered after walking on the wet fairways ( he will soon get used to it ) In the 2nd group Barry Oats, Tip Briney ,Stuart Mann & the Donkey, Putting was the problem for Barry & Tip constantly leaving them just short up hill and past down hill, Stuabut had a tough time on the front but a good back nine While the Donkey was just the opposite good front and not so good back.


1st     Colin Davis    (21)             36 pts

2nd    Stuart Mann (22)             33 pts

Near Pin Colin Davis




Friday 1st September

Eastern Star

A change of venue today as Crystal Bay when we called they said that the course was very wet and no carts allowed and it was still raining very heavy. So  a quick call to Eastern Star and they said the weather there was good and a 10.00am tee time  was available and we were on our way. When we got there the course was in excellent conditionwith a bit of run on the fairways,We elected to play from the white tees 6575 yds but with most of the tee markers back it played over 6600 yds, The greens were quite quickas we soon found out and we all struggled but the results stayed the same, Simon Kendal had a nightmare start but a good back nine of 19pts gave him 27 pts and Tore Eliassen as did everone had a poor start and a better back with 28 pts but the Donkey for the 3rd game in a row stole the show with 30 pts.


1st       Colin Davis     (19)           30 pts

2nd     Tore Eliassen  (19)           28 pts

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