Colin’s Golf Bar 09/04

Sunday 9th April

Green Valley

Just 11 players today for Green Valley due to Fred & Yui’s wedding congrats to both of them , The course still a bit soft so Lift Clean & Cheat . the 1st group out Ian ( san mig ) Pickles ,Jorn Finnerup , & Aidan Murray, Mixed fortunes on this bunch Ian & Jorn shared the front with 18 pts each, But as Jorn fadedon the back Aidan made his move with 21 pts on the back for 33 pts but it was steady Ian (san mig ) with 20pts on the back for 38 pts. The next group Paul West, Nigel Harrison, Rune Aksdal and the Donkey This was a tight front ninewith only 1 pt separating 3 players, But then Paul showed his class to finish 37 pts Nigel 32 pts Colin 31 pts and Rune 26 pts. The final group John Deardon  J.P. Maffray, Peter Kelly, & Pierre Zbinden this was another tight game with peter just pipping J.P. on countback Peter & J.P. both on 35 pts and Pierre just one back 34 pts and bringing up the rear J.T.B. 28 pts


1st    Ian Pickles    (17)              38 pts

2nd   Paul West     (16)              37 pts

3rd   Peter Kelly     (15)              35 pts/18


Near Pin     J.P. Maffray


Monday 10th April


Just one group today for Bangpakong with most people making plans to get out of town before next weeks madness, But this mean’s we get to play millionairs golf. Barry Oats,Peter Kelly ,Rune Aksdal & the Donkey, the course in perfect condition as always, and apart from having a 5 ball in front of us who eventually let us thro we finished in just over 4 hrs .The Donkey was top scorer with 37 pts rune 2nd with 35 pts,11pts on the front and 24pts on the back, peter on his last game 33pts, & Barry playing off the white tees 28pts


Wednesday 12th April

St Andrews

7 players today for St Andrews with an all in price of 1750bht and Members 1000bht you would expect the place to be packed,but a lot of cars on the car park but St Andrews was empty.They are starting to do some work on the greens so this will probably take a few weeks to get it right in the meantime they need to cut the rough down, its almost impossible to get out of it at the moment, apart from that a very pleasant roud of golf, The 1st group out Gary Emmett ,Greg Kath, Stan Smith all from Aus. They set a cracking pace and Stan was on fire 23pts on the front then going well on the back till he hurt his back on the last 2 holes for 40 pts.on 16 holes, Gary was not far behind on 33 pts and Greg trying out a new driver with27 pts. The next group out Rune Aksdal ,Paul West, Tip Briney and the Donkey. Here it was a battle between Paul & Colin from the start with Paul just edging the 1st 3 holes then the blobs started 2 each on the front & 2 each on the backand Colin just taking Paul overall 36 pts  to 32 pts Tip was one back on 31pts and Rune unable to keep up Mondays back nine form with 24 pts.


1st   Stan Smith       (34)                 40 pts

2nd  Colin Davis       (22)                 36 pts

3rd   Gary Emmett   (16)                 33 pts


Friday 14th April

Mountain Shadow

13 players today luckily enough to escape the madness of Pattaya for a few hrs. The course quite busy but we were lucky enough to go straight off with 3 x 3 balls & one 4 x ball. 1st group out Aussies Stan Smith & Greg Kath & Pierre Zbinden on his last day before returning to work, These lads did not hang aboutand finished in about 3 ½ hrs, Stan was once again top man with 36 pts with 22 on the back. Greg 30pts & Pierre 27pts. The next a trio of English peter Hynard, Paul West & the Donkey, This was peters 1st game back and he showed a bit of rust in places.paul had a nightmare start1pt from the 1st 3 holes but kept at it to finish 32pts, The Donkey blobed 7 & 8 but then 22 pts on the back for 36 pts. The next group Tip Briney Barry Oats, & Mogen’s Jensen. Mogen’s had his normal front nine with a couple of blobs & a good back nine of 22pts for 38pts.Barry played off the white tees and had 3 blobs on the front and a couple on the back for 28pts, Tip after a bright start had 5 blobs in a row and 3 more on the back left him wishing he had stayed at home at least there was plenty of free ice on the streets. The final group we welcomed back after a long time Mark West, Grahame Buckingham, John Davis & Mick Coghlan. Here it was Mark to make his Mark with a solid 20 pts on the front easily the best front nine score of the day.and he did well on the back until some bad advice from his caddy on the last 3 holes to finish 36 pts Grahame had a creditable 33pts John 31pts And Mick 24pts.


Aflt   1st    Colin Davis     (21)            36pts/22

2nd   Mark West     (16)            36pts/16


Bflt    1st   Mogen’s Jensen  (39)        38 pts

2nd  Stan Smith           (32)        36 pts


Near Pin’s       Paul West   &  Mick Coghlan

Longest 1st putt    Greg Kath

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