Colin’s Golf 31/07

Sunday 31st July

Green Valley

Another Sunday early morning at Green Valley,We welcome back Hakan Hedlund, Barry Tregurtha,Charles Murray and Bruce Walters made a rare flying visit. The course was in it’s normal condition, and the sky’s were overcast but no sign of rain perfect conditions for playing golf.The 1st group out the usual  Christen Boysen , Phil Davies, Mogen’s Melander and New Satita, The course quite busy so they could not go off at too great a speed. Now this group is normally a battle between phil & Christen but it seems to be the same each week neck & neck till the last few holes and Phil rings the bank manager, Mogen’s thought he had won but on checking the card he lost out on countback. The next group out Barry Tregurtha,Charles Murray, Fred Birch and the DonkeyThis group were very even on the front with 3 players all on 17 pts but on the back the donkey just got his nose in front with 19 pts Charles 18 pts and Barry 17 pts Fred recovered well after a very bad front nine, Final group Bruce Walters, Hakan Hedlund, J.P.Maffray and Ian (San Miguel) Pickles,Bruce after a 2 hour drive to get to the course was wide awake from the start and as steady as a rock with 16 pts on both nines, Hakan 1st game back after major heart surgery played well just one ahead of J.P. and San Miguel brought up the rear .


1st  Phil Davies    (15)          36 pts

2nd  Colin Davis   (20)          36 pts

3rd Mogen’s Melander  (26 )  36 pts

4th  Charles Murray  (6)         35 pts



Tuesday 2nd August

Siam Old Course

Phantom Cup

A beautiful day and a beautiful golf course awaits us, The only problem was we had originally booked for 10 tee times , but the day before the comp I went to the course  and gave them the full start sheet and told them we needed an extra tee time, I said we could go off every 7 min’s instead of the normal 8 min’s. When we got to the course on the day I saw the marketing Lady and confirmed we needed the extra tee time but she did nothing about it. If they had said we could only have 10 times we could have had the last 4 times go off as 5 balls . but no they waited till the 10th tee time and said that was it ,no more people to go out, and sent the last 4 ball home of which 2 were members of Siam Old . No appogy and no attempt to reconcile the problem. This spoilt the whole day ,It will be a long time before we are back there.   We had2 flights o-19 hcp off the blue tees and 20+ hcp off the white tees starting on the back nine . Some very good scores for a lot of people playing the course for the 1st time, Bflt was lead by Colm O’Donavan just here for 2 day’s to pick up some belongings he left on his last trip with 41 pts followed by 4 x 40 pts and losing out on count back Nick Shaw & Neil Smith well done lads in 2nd place Allan Bergistan & Bill Peach in 3rd .  Aflt John Pierre stormed out in front with 42 pts( he must have picked up a few tip’s as he was marshalling at the King’s Cup last week) followed by Christen Boysen with 37 pts and Jim Bell 1st game back with 36 ptsl There were technical prizes on all the holes and Surprise Surprise the nearest to the Keg was won by Steve Baker who is Tea Total but he has a lot of friends.


Aflt     1st John Pierrel      (18)                42 pts

2nd Christen Boysen (9)              37 pts

3rd Jim Bell      (19)                       36 pts


Bflt     1st  Colm O’Donavan    (22)         41 pts

2nd Allan Bargestan       (25)        40 pts

3rd  William Peach         (26)        40 pts



Friday 5th July

Mountain Shadow

This was our 1st trip back to Mountain Shadow for about 3 months and one look at the car park  and it seem’s we were not  the only one’s who had stopped going there. The course is still a great layout but needs a lot of attention to tidy it up , long gone are the tricky fast greens everyone was coming up short and if you missed a fairway it took a long time to find your ball. Still a good turnout 20 golfer’s, welcome back from Norway Espen Kristofersen & Rune Askdal 5 x 4 balls with the lead group going out with no one in front of them Christen, Phil, Iain Jones & Gerd Riedler, Christen got a little bit of money back from Phil with 36 pts.The next group Paul Smith, Ed Wyckoff,Steve Baker & Aidan Murray only Steve shone in this group with 38 pts. Then the tropical group Barry Oats ,Mick Coghlan ,Graham Buckingham & Dave Nicholson, here was a new Barry with 40 pts & Graham one back 39 pts. Then the Danish group of Torben Lindgaard,Allan Bergison, Mogen’s Jensen and Frank Jelo. Torben putting the disappointment of last night’s dart match behind him came up with 38 pts and Frank with 37 pts. Then the final group Mogen’s Melander,Espen Kristofersen, Rune Askdal and the Donkey, The Donkey started off like a pro but as soon as he got to the 1st par 3 that was it.Mogen’s was just the opposite with2 blobs to start with and then got it going with 3 4pt holes in the next 5 holes to finish the front with 19 pts and a good start to the back with 12 pts on the 1st 4 hole’s then a few hic-cups for 37 pts


Aflt   1st    Steve Baker   (18)                  38 pts

2nd   Frank Jelo       (7)                    37 pts

3rd    Christen Boysen (9)               36 pts


Bflt   !st     Barry Oat’s          (23)            40 pts

2nd Graham Buckingham   (26)     39 pts

3rd Torben Lindgaard   (30)           38 pts


Near Pins     Allan Bargison    & Barry Oat’s

Long Putt      Rune Askdal

Back at Colin’s Bar for the presentation it was Penang Kai & rice and the smiling face of Bob Watson I knew he would be back Welcome Home Bob


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