Colin’s Golf 26-29/06

Another early start at Green Valley a lot of sleepy player’s so the 1st hole got even tougher than usual, The 1st group out Christen Boysen ,Jacob Olsen & Phil Davies, Jacob was the man in this group with 20 pts front & back, Christen tried to keep up but a blob on the 10th put paid to his challenge finishing with 37 pts, Phil suffering from an early morning T.V. date watching Wales win . the next group mogen’s Melander, Torben Lindgaard & Stan Stewart this group lost it’s sparkleon the front nine & did a bit better on the back to finish Mogen’s 33 pts Torben  30 pts & Stan 21 pts,Then 2x 4 balls Chaten Patel, Simon Spalding,Lindsay White & the Donkey, Simon & Chaten  were having their own little battle with Chaten taking the front & Simon the back and Chaten taking overall by 1 pt, Lindsay started well but slipped back a bit on the back nine,The Donkey playing the 1st decent game for a long time with the help of some good putts & the days only 2’ , Then came J.P. Maffray, Fred Birch,Dave Ferris & Karl Diekman. J.P. started both nine’s with 1 pts but the recovered to 19 pts on both ,the rest of the group were in the low 30’s


1st  Jacob Olsen   (9)             40 pts

2nd J. P. Maffray  (15)           38 pts

3rd  Christen Boysen (10)      37 pts


Monday 27th June

Another good turnout for a Monday 22 player’s for Khao Kheow a good course always gets a good response , 2 x 3 balls and 4 x 4 balls. 1st out just arrived from France Manfred Hanke, Jacob Olsen, & Torben Lindgaard a mixed group. Jacob continuing his good run of form with 40 pts, Torben still struggling with 27 pts & Manfred jet lagged with 20 pts, The next group Ed Wyckoff, Ian Pickles & Alistar Gall no excuses for this group except that it was early Monday morning 31 to 28 pts no names mentioned, the next group Barry Oat’s,Karl Diekman, Tip  Briney & Mogen’s Melander,Mogen’s mistook the start time & had to hire a car to get there so that’s his excuse, Tip had no excuse & Karl had a rare bad day, Barry was the only shinning light with35 pts,The next group Peter Hynard,Colm O’Donavan, Gerry Raftery and Seamus Lanagan now this was to be the big match with Peter & Colm taking on the might of county Galway, but as it turned out it was a stroll in the park for the lad’s from Galway. Next group Beauty  & the Beast New  & Nim Cheoychao & Phil Davies & Christen Boysen, Phil still suffering from the shock of Wales winning, but the rest of the group played well Christen 38 pts Nim, 37 pts & New 35 pts. And the final group Neil Smith, Stan Stewart, Nigel Harrison & Stuart Mann. Now this was Neil’s 2nd visit to Khao Kheow in 2 days Sunday at the Zoo but he must have got some local knowledge from the residents for he matched his Hcp (39) with 39 pts


Aflt   1st  Jacob Olsen      (9)              40 pts

2nd Christen Boysen (10)         38 pts

3rd Seamus Langan    (15)        37 pts


Bflt    1st   Neil Smith       (39)            39 pts

2nd Nim Cheoychao  (25)        37 pts

3rd Barry Oats      (24)              35 pts

Near Pin’s Phil Davies, Seamus Langan x 2 & Peter Hynard

Long Putts   New Cheoychao  & Barry Oats


Wednesday 29th June

Another good turnout for Royal Lakeside everyone’s favorite course, everything was going well till we went to turn off the motorway to the Chonburi by pass a tail back as far as the eye can see, so it was back on the motorway till the 334 turnoff and low and behold they are laying new big water main’s, eventually we get on the bypass and then find they are digging up the road to Lakeside. This is not the way to start a game of golf. Once at the course everything changed for the better. !st group out the speed 4 ball Christen Boysen, Phil Davies,New & Nim cheoychao. Christen played to his Hcp but the rest of the group did nothing to write home about. The next group 2 newcomers to our group Dave Hewson & Mark Bamber 7&8 hcp respectively, the star here was Mark with 38 pts22 on the back and both longest putts and losing out on countback Walter Baechli also with 38 pts& 2 near pins with only 16 pts on the back Manfred 34 pts & Dave 30 pts, the next group Barry Oat’s, Alistar Gall & Karl Diekman this group belonged to Barry with 35 pts. And the visiting Aussies Lindsay White,Peter Burton & Peter Collins. 38 pts for Lindsay peter Burton just one shot back and Peter         Collin’s dreaming of when he can come back 24 pts. Then the final group this week’s big Battles Peter Hynard and for there last games Colm O’Donavan,Gerry Raferty & Seamus Langan, Gerry settled any final questions with 22 on the back and a total of 40 pts best of the day & partner Seamus 36 pts colm 33 pts & peter 30 pts.                          Back at the Phantom Bar it was presentation time & free Chicken & cashew nuts and rice compliments of Colin’s Bar.


Aflt    1st     Mark Bamber   (8)                38 pts

2nd   Walter Baechlie (16)             38 pts

3rd    Peter Burton     (11)              37 pts


Bflt     1st Gerry Raftery       (18)              40pts

2nd Colin Davis           (19)              39 pts

3rd Lindsay White      (23)              38 pts

Near Pin’s Lindsay White,Neil Smith & Walter Baechli X 2

Longest 1st putt  Mark Bamber X 2

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