Colin’s Golf 24/07

Sunday 24 th July

Green Valley

12 players today ,everyone turned up on time and when normally we have a clear field in front of us ,today they had overbooked and a ½ hr wait on the 1st tee and this made for a slow round for everyone on the course. 1st out Christen Boysen,Phil Davies,Ed Wyckoff & Mogen’s Melander. The slow play must have affected Christen because Surprise Surprise Phil thrashed him again, with 23 pts on the front the handbrake had to come on for the back Total 41 pts.The next group we welcome back from Australia Steve Coghlan, Gary Emmett,and from Japan Kazo Ishikawa and Fred Birch from U.S.A.   1st game back and Gary showed he’s ready with a slow start and a strong finish for 35 pts the rest struggled with the course. Finaly J.P. Maffray, Paul West,Geoff Kubas and the Donkey.Now on a day when only one played to his Hcp that’s how tough the course was playing,The Donkey was the best of this group with only one par and a total 32 pts say’s it all

Aflt     1st    Phil Davies    (15)                 41pts

2nd  Gary Emmett (19)                35 pts

Bflt      1st     Mogen’s Melander  (26)    33pts

2nd   Colin Davis     (21)                 32pts


Monday  25th July

Khao Kheow

A & B

Just 7 player’s today for Khao Kheow !st group Barry Oat’s,Paul  Cornwell & Tip Briney. This was always going to be Tip’s day starting with a birdie on the 1st for 19 pts front and back for a solid 38 pts Barry and Paul struggled in the mid 20’s. Then Steve Baker, John Pierrel,Mogen’s Jensen &  Torben it was John who came out on top with 34 pts followed by Torben with 30 pts and back at the Bar Tip rounded off a great day by winning the lucky draw.


!st        Tip Briney        (22)                  38 pts

2nd    John Pirrel           (17)                  34 pts


Wednesday 27th July

Royal Lakeside

A reasonable No today for Royal Lakeside 12 golfers so 3 x 4 balls and with no carts on the fairways to start so lift clean and cheat the order of the day. We let a one ball tee off before us and thought he would soon be clear but we had not seen the 6 ball that had teed off just before , This is why we love Thailand. Christen Boysen, New Satita, Torben Lindgaard & Mogen’s Jensen were the 1st group out and New got off to a flyer with 26 pts and a blob on the front 9 ,and when reality took hold 14 pts on the back, Torben tried to keep up with 22 pts on the front but 2 blobs on the back left him out in the cold with 38 pts, Christen must have been missing Phil. The next group Barry Oat’s Tommy Carlsson, John Fleming & the Donkey. This group all had great expectationsfor the day but all played well below normal.The final group Lee & Neil Smith Ian Whetstone & Nigel Harrison. Now Nigel free of all matrimonial worries was playing like a pro 21 pts each side with no blob’s for 42 pts New comer Lee got off to a bad start with blob’s on the 1st 2 holes but then got his eye in and with 23 pts on the back for a total 38 pts showing little brother Neil how it’s done.  The near Pin’s were claimed by Nigel Harrison & New Satita and longest put by Neil Smith

1st    Nigel Harrison    (29)         42 pts

2nd   New Satita          (32)         40 pts

3rd      Lee Smith             (31)      38 pts

Back at Colin’s Bar after the free Chicken & cashew nut’s Tommy Carlsson won the lucky draw



Friday 29th July

Treasure Hill

A quick trip up the 331 via the Bowin By Pass and arrived in good time for our 10.00 am tee off. 1000 bht green fee,caddy & cart and the course in excellent condition but tree’s everywhere.  1st group out Paul West,Geoff Kubas,Buzz Helsel and Tip Briney. Tip set the pace with 17 pts with Paul & Buzz just one behind on the front, But then Paul showed his class with 22 pts for a great 38 pts. The next group Barry Oat’s,Steve Baker,Aidan Murray and the Donkey. Now the Donkey back at his old stamping ground, hit the ball great on the 1st just clipping a couple of trees for a blob after that he was solid to finish the front with 19 pts, Barry off the silver tees playing well with 18 pts,but then on the back Steve let rip with 3 bogies followed by 3 pars and a birdie for 22 pts for a total 35 pts.aidan had a nightmare start with the putting woe’s but then he started to get it together and a birdie on the 10th seemed to have turned the corner but this was followed by 4 double’s and a strong finish with a chip in birdie on the 17th. The final group Neil Smith, Ian Whetstone, Nigel Harrison & Stuart Mann. Neil still schocked after winning his 1st darts game last night had 2 pts after 7 holes but finished the nine with 7pts, Then on the back doubled the bet’s and tripled the score with 22 pts total 29 pts Stuart was the steadiest with 33 pts & a near pin.

1st  Paul West       (19)              38 pts

2nd  Steve Baker   (18)              35 pts

3rd  Colin Davis     (21)              35 pts


Near Pins    Stuart Mann & Buzz Helsel

Long Putt        Paul West

Back at the phantom Bar it was free Masaman Curry & rice for presentation and the lucky draw was not won so it’s a rollover till next week.

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