Colin’s Golf 10-15/07

Sunday 10th July

Green Valley

With a van load away on a trip to Kanchanaburi and western Thailand sight seeing tour and the scribe still suffering it left just 9 players for Green valley today, So it was 1st there and you were away ,1st group Fred Birch, J.P, Maffray & Rusty Barfield, J.P. with a blob on the 1st then got his act together with 19 pts on the remaining 8 holes to take the front nine by one shot from Rusty, But on the back Rusty as steady as ever another 18 pts to take the back.( Rusty tip of the day, if you are always short on your approach to the green reset your G.P.S. to yards not meters) The next group out Christen Boysen, Phil Davies & Iain Jones, Iain back for 6 weeks watch his hcp come down ,( well that’s what he said) This was a repeat of last weeks game with Christen in cruise control Phil 5 shots back with 3 holes to go and yet again Phil gave a mighty blast on his trumpet and the walls came tumbling down. The final group Aki Yamamoto (on his last game with us before returning to the land of the rising sun) Mogen’s Melander & Pierre Bietry, Now this was always going to be Aki’s day with 20 pts front & back. Mogen’s tried to keep up with him but a poor start 3 pts from 3 holes it was always going to be a struggle but 37 pts secured 2nd place.  It was a pity Adam did not turn up as Christen had the only 2’ of the day ,but you need 10 players to have a 2’s comp

1st    Aki Yamamoto    (22)              40 PTS

2ND  Mogen’s Melander (25)          37 pts

3rd  Rusty Barfield   (5)                     36 pts


Monday 11th July

Pattana  B & C

Only 10 players today for Pattana but the scoring made up for it, the sight seeing group came back last night all refreshed and raring to go all except Neil who unwittingly donated his glasses to the monkeys halfway up a mountain in Kanchanaburi .But this did not slow him down as he’s a better golfer blind, a blob on the 1st and ninth and still 23 pts on the remaining 7 holes and another 23 pts on the back ,closely followed by Drew Niblock with 42 pts and Tip Briney also with 42 pts and Peter from Finland with 41 pts made a mockery of the course ony 3 golfers did not break their hcp.

1st   Neil Smith       (37)                  46 pts

2nd  Drew Niblock (18)                   42 pts

3rd Tip Briney         (23)                  42 pts

N.P.     Torben Lindgaard    & Manfred Hanke

L.P.    Nigel Harrison


 Wednesday  13th July

Royal Lakeside

Another small field today for Royal Lakeside mainly because we have played every day this week and have bookings for Thursday and Friday as well. Still a good trip up the motorway at the course in 55 mins from Soi Bua Khaow. The weather dry but overcast and the course as always in excellent condition, even thou they are putting in new pipe’s for the sprinkler system, the turf is put back as soon as the pipes are put in and no inconvinence to the golfer. 3 x 3 balls today1st out Mogen’s Melander ,John Pierrel 7 Karl Diekman, all three playing steadily but mogen’s just pulled ahead with 19 pts and a blob .On the back it was John’s turn to have a blob and also finished the nine with 19pts but Mogen’s had 17 to give him 36 pts. The next group from northern Ireland drew Niblock, From France Manfred Hanke and Peter from Finland the front belonged to Manfred with 19 pts and a blob, The back was a much closer affair with 2 x 21pts & 1 20 pts but the spoil’s went once again to Manfred with 40 pts. Then the final group welcoming back from 2 mths in  Spain 7 the rest of Europe Nick (Elvis) Shaw, Barry Oats & the Donkey’s 1st game for a week. Now from the start it was always going to be Barry’s Day with a chip in par on the 1st for 4 pts a slight hic-cup on the 2nd  after that it was a stroll in the park24 pts on the front and going well on the back till the last 3 holes just 4 pts to finish with 42 pts, the Donkey steady on the front but his putting let him down badly, nick straight off the plane suffered with 9 blobs a total of 20 pts is not too bad.  Back at the Phantom Bar the free food had an Italian Flavour and went down well, Mogen’s claimed the near pin & Carl the longest putt and Barry rounded of the day to win the lucky draw.

1st  Barry Oat’s      (25)                42 pts

2nd Manfred Hanke (30)             40 pts

Near Pin  Mogen’s Melander    Long Putt   Karl Diekman


Friday 15th July

 Pleasant Valley

A little better No’s today 17 player’s with 16 in the comp. The course very wet after all the rain they have had so cart’s on the cart path only so lift clean and cheat the order of the day. The 1st group out Tip Briney ,Torben Lindgaard & Mogen’s Jensen. Tip Tore up the front 9 with 21 pts but had to put the handbrake on the woody on the back 2 blobs but still a total of 39 pts, Torben was very steady 18 & 18 pts for 36 pts, Mogen’s struggled as usual but still enjoyed the day. The next group out christen Boysen with his son Nicoli 9( not in the comp) and Steve Baker, Christen off the whites was always going to shoot the light’s out and with 22 pts on the front it looked like his day, but too many 1 pts on the back put that plan to rest, Steve with 15 & 15 and Nicoli a day out with his dad on his best behaviour. Then Phil Davies, Iain Jone’s & Nim Cheoychao,this group could not get it together today all in the lower 30s. Then the next group Neil Smith, Nigel Harrison ,Stuart Mann & Manfred Hanke, now this group fresh from last night’s darts match Manfred straight out of the blocks with 24 pts and a blob on the front & close behind with 20 pts and also a blob Stuart Mann. Nigel had a good back but poor front 14/21 pts and Neil still shaking after hearing wife Pat’s plans for the new year. On the back Manfred collapsed & the Naughty Boy Stuart put together another solid nine with 21 pts. Then the final group Alistar Gall,Ted ( Mr 79 ) Morris,Aidan Murray & the Donkey Mow this group all played well but as always’s it’s the putting that count’s, a 36 pts and 2 x 35 pts and 29 pts for Aidan after the heat got to him on the back nine.

A flt  1st Stuart Mann      (21)                 41 pts

2nd Christen Boysen (9)                39 pts

Bflt     1st Tip Briney             (23)            39 pts

2nd Torben Lindgaard (29)         36 pts

Near Pin s Alistar Gall & Colin Davis

Longest Putt   Torben Lindgaard

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