Colin’s Golf 09-14/07

Sunday 9th July 2017

Green Valley

1st game back at Green Valley for almost 3 months , this time because they had vericut the greens on Silky Oak last Monday. Because of the renovation work on Green Valley we had placing on the fairways away from the burnt areas, The rest of the course was OK except for hole 11 where they had dug up all the fairway in front of the green and filled it full of sand ready to lay turf, Why then didn’t they place the pin at the back of the green instead of just past the sanded area.  WE had 15 players so 2 flights with 2 places and 4 near pins.  A flt was won by Gary Emmett with a good 38 pts the highlight of the round an eagle 2 on hole 14 for 5 pts to finish one shot ahead of Paul West with 37 pts just ahead of Peter Petersen from Iceland with 35 pts of his 4 Hcp. B flt was  the return of the donkey despite being under Aidans dreaded (R) managed a steady 18 pts front and back just to beat Steve Coghlan on countback


A flt  1st   Gary Emmett    (15)        38 pts

2nd Paul West          (17)        37 pts


B flt  1st Colin Davis          (18)        36 pts/18

2nd Steve Coghlan   (36)        36 pts/16


Near Pin’s  Gabe Dakwa, Mike Seeley J.T.B. & Colin Davis.


Monday 10th July

Crystal Bay B & C


A normal group for a Monday 9 players for Crystal Bay and after last nights rain the weather looks set for a couple of days of fine weather, We had 3 x 3 balls teeing off @ 10.00 am the course in good condition, 1 flt with 3 places  & 2 near pin’s. Tip Briney playing off 21.7 R with the slope rating giving him 25 hcp shot a mind boggling42 pts with 23 pts on the back to win the day by a mile. Kevin Mc Entee off his 6 hcp had a good 38 pts also had a good back nine of 21 pts.Peter Petersen had 35 pts along with Peter Hynard, and Hynard started the back nine in tremendous form with13 pts from the 1st 5 holes but then the wheels came off to let peter from Iceland to take the countbackon the back 6 13/9  Steve Baker and Manfred Hanke claimed the near pin’s


1st    Tip Briney        (25)                42 pts

2nd Kevin Mc Entee (6)                  38 pts

3rd Peter Petersen   (4)                  35 pts


Near Pin’s Steve Baker & Manfred Hanke


Wednesday 12 th July

Burapha A & B

After a couple of days and nights of heavy rains we had 4 No shows which was expected and the forecast was for more of the same today ,But as everone thought Hillary was to be the next president the weather men got it wrong again. 13 brave souls made it to the course under grey sky’s, but as soon as we got changed so did the sky’s. The course very wet but perfectly playable for the long hitters which left out the scribe. A flt was once again under the control of Kevin Mc Entee with 3 birdies and one blob for 37 pts,and in 2nd place Peter Petersen with 31 pts also with a blob on B2 the same as Kevin but his 18 pts on the back beat  Peter Hynard on count back also with 31 pts. B flt was a repeat of Monday with the man in form Tip Briney with the best score of the day 38 pts, one ahead of Rod Brown with 37 pts Kevin & Martin Solberg claimed the near pin’s


A flt    1st    Kevin Mc Entee      (6)                37 pts

2nd Peter Petersen         (4)            31 pts


B flt   1st  Tip Briney                  (24)            38 pts

2nd Rod Brown                (21)             37 pts



Friday 14th July

Silky Oak

A good size field today for Silky Oak 14 players enough for 2 flights with 2 places in each  & 3 near pin’s, the course in good condition despite the recent rains and the greens recovering from last weeks vericut. Some good scores and some not so good nearly half the field played to their hcp or better. A flt was the day for Vic Hester with his new driver he’s just getting used to it so watch for his name in the future38 pts, with Fred Birch just one point back on 37 pts then 2 tied on 36pts Peter Petersen & Paul West,  In Bflt it was two 20 hcps to battle it out both with 40 pts but Rod Brown stole the show with 23 pts on the back to wipe the smile off Steve Bakers face but only for a short time ( hes always smiling )  Manfred Hanke returned to form with 37 pts   The Near Pin’s were claimed by Dave Ferris, Paul West & Peter Petersen


Aflt     1st  Vic Hester    (14)        38 pts

2nd Fred Birch     (14)        37 pts


Bflt   1st  Rod Brown    (20)        40 pts /23

2nd Steve Baker  (20)        40 pts/20




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