Colin’s Golf 04/06

Sunday 4th June.

Silky Oak

Just 6 players again today for Silky Oak so 2 x 3 balls, overnight rain  had left the course soft but playable and carts allowed on the fairways subject to the 90 degree rule so play the ball as it lies. We got off about 15 mins before our scheduled tee time, but we soon caught up with a Korean competion so that put paid to a quick round, but we still finished by 12.45 pm. Aidan Murray who has had problems with his short game teed off 1st  and soon woke up the fish so he blobed the hole then 4 pts each on the next 2 holes followed by 4 x 3pts & 2 x 2pts for 24 pts on the front, followed by another 18 pts with a blob on the last for 42 pts. (I think an R is looming). John Dearden had a quiet front with 16pts. But a change of ball made all the difference 4 x 3pts, 1 pt, and another 4 x3pts for 41 pts..The Donkey had 2 x2’s but left carrot less.The other group had Steve Coghlan with 36pts and the normally Gary & Fred 32pts & 30pts respectively



Ist  Aidan Murray   (24)          42 pts


2nd John Dearden  (25)          41 pts



Friday 9th June

Mountain Shadow

A reasonable group of 11 players today ,the weather fine and a little windy, The course looking good all the fairways had been mown, but the rough is very rough. Start time 10.00am and only 7 cars on the car park and 3 were ours, so a quick round on the cards and so it was to be no one in front of us and even with looking for balls in the roughwe went round and the 1st group finished 1.30 pm. When the cards were returned the results were supprising to say the least. Today the course was the Winner



1 st   Colin Davis        (20)           32 pts


2nd    Colm O’Donavan (20)         30 pts


3rd    Bob Stokes         (16)          29/16 pts


Near Pin       Bob Stokes

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