Colin’s Bar 21-26/08

Sunday 21st August

Green Valley

Just 3 groups today for green Valley and 6 of them from Australia, welcome for the 1st time to Dave Pacey, & Brad Gearie who joined some of our regular Aussies. The 1st group J.P. Maffray, Ed Wyckoff, Fred Birch & the Donkey. A clear field in front so this group shot off, Ed had a nice chip in birdie on the 2nd hole, Last weeks winner J.P. not fazed by losing a shot had 3 bad holes but still finished with 20 pts on the front with a brilliant chip in birdie on the 8th. Fred had 2 pts on every hole on the front and kept it up on the back to finish with 37 pts. The next group Peter V ,Dave Pacey, Brad Gearie & Terry Dyer. These 4 aussies had a great time with nothing to worry the scorer. The last group Ian Pickles,Bruce Walters,Greg Bates & Colin Hopkins. Colin was the best in this group apart from a silly blob on the 10th spoiled a winning card, Greg brightened up his card with 2 x 2s on the back nine for 33 pts Bruce and Ian tagged along.


!st    Fred Birch  (20)           37 pts

2nd  Colin Hopkins (11)       36 pts

3rd J.P. Maffray    (14)        36 pts


2’s    Greg Bates  x 2  J.P.Maffray


Monday 22nd August

Greenwood  A & C

14 players for today at Greenwood the course in fine condition for the great value of 1050 bht G F. C F cart. Two x 3 balls and 2 x 4 balls, 1st out Mogen’s Jensen, Torben Lindgaard and the Donkey.With no-one in front we shot off at a great pace and we did not catch up with anyone until the 9th hole and this turned out to be their 18th hole and the back nine was just as quick less than 3 ½ hrs. Mogens was the star of the show with 39 pts and could have been a lot more ,get used to seeing his name, Torben also played well with 37 pts. The next group Barry Oat’s ,Tip Briney and Paul Cornwell. Here it was Tip the star with 38 pts, Paul started well but then fell away. Then the 4 ball of Mike Omiya, Greg Bates, Colin Hopkins & John Pierrel , now this group was expected to eat this course up of the yellow tees but quite the opposite, Greg was the best with 36 pts Then the final group Neil Smith playing with 3 mate’s who had never been on a golf course in there short lives ( I don’t know who was the teacher ) but they must have enjoyed it they are down to play again on Wednesday.


1st   Mogen’s Jensen     (41)           39 pts

2nd Tip Briney                 (22)           38 pts

3rd Torben Lindgaard    (30)           37 pts


Wednsday 24th August


Well this was our 1st day back at Bangpra for almost 3 months due to the dry weather  lush but the water hole are still very dry , we will need a lot of rain in the next 2 months to fill them up again , also the reservoir across the road which is almost as low as it was during the dry season. 3 x 3 balls & 3 x 4 balls the order of the day, 1st group out Greg Bates, Greg Kath & Stan Smith this group struggled on the greens except for Stan who collected both longest 1st putts. The next group Paul Cornwell, Tip Briney & Mick Folan. Another group that did not break 30 pts. The final 3 ball and only Barry & Don off the silvers managed 33 & 32 pts respectively. The next group Jim Brackett ,Eddie Bielby, Mick Beresford & Bill Broschart, Jim was the one to shine here with a strong back nine 20 pts for 35 pts total Bill also improved on the back with 17 pts for32 pts total, The next group Christen Boysen,New Satita, Iain Jones & Howard only Christen shone here with 35 pts with 19pts on the back, then the final group Colin Davis, Neil Smith, Torben Lindgaard & Mogen’s Jensen in this group Torben decided to walk today he had 21 pts on the front then on the back he came to regret the saving on the cart (300 bht) to finish 34 pts and that included a 4 pts on the 14 th. Colin and Neil both finished with 35 pts


Aflt   1st    Jim Brackett      (8)             35 pts

2nd  Christen Boysen (8)             35 pts


Bflt   1st   Neil Smith    (34)                   35 pts

2nd Torben Lindgaard  (29)         34 pts


Near Pins   Bill Broschart  & Colin Davis

Long Putts    Stan Smith x 2


Friday 26th August

Pleasant Valley

Just 10 players today for Pleasant Valley and after last nights rain the course was completely soaked , carts on paths only so lift ,clean & cheat the order of the day. 1st group out Seamus Mc Gettigan, Aiden Murray and the Donkey. Starting on No 10 with a thai society in front it was a case of sit in the buggy and relax.Seamus was the best of this group with 36 pts, The Donkey was a bit better on the back to finish with 32 pts and Aidan struggled all the way with 24 pts. The next group Neil Smith, Torben Lindgaard & Mogen’s Melander. This seems to be Neils lucky week, (pool, darts and now golf) with 36 pts Torben & Mogen’s 32 & 31 pts. Then the final group with new commers from Australia Greg Kath & Stan Smith and from Singapore Kath Kasahara. Here it was the Queensland train drivers who shot to the front  with Greg 40 pts and Stan 37 pts to take the 1st 2 places


1st   Greg Kath   (23)           40 pts

2nd  Stan Smith (31)           37 pts

Near Pins    Neil Smith  & Mogen’s Melander

Longest Putt    Neil  Smith

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