Colin’s Bar 07/08

Green Valley

A good turnout today 17 players for Green Valley, A welcome back to Jez Lees, 1st game with us for about 5 years, and he’s still sharking it of the same hcp.The weather overcast perfect for golf for some at least.3 x 3 balls and 2 x 4 balls carts on the fairway so play it as it lie’s. 1st group out Mogen’s Melander,Allan Bargison & Frank Jelmo, star of this group was Frank with a birdie 2 and 39 pts. The next group Christen Boysen,New Cheychao  and J.P. Maffray all this group played well but top gun was J.P.       with birdie 2’s . the next group Espen Kristofersen, Fred Birch & Jeff Acheson. Fred was the steadiest with 34 pts but Jeff managed a 2 on the 16th.The next group Steve Coghlan, Phil Beech, Gary Emmett & Ed Wyckoff here the man of the day was Gary with 43 pts & a birdie 2 was Gary. Then the final group Bruce Walters, Ian Pickles,Jez Lee’s and the Donkey. Ian thought he had won it today but back in Johns Bar Gary threw his card in and that was that. Jez playing with partner Bruce Walters ( well Jez is well known for his chiping ability he used to work for Harry Ramsden) tried to chip on to the 12th and caught it a bit thin Bruce dived to get out of the way but left his hand in the air and that was just enough Jez’s ball his left thumb and that was the end of the round for Bruce, he was last seen driving one handed down the 36.but this did spur Jez on a bitas he pared 5 of the last 6 holes with a blob on the par 3 16th

A flt    1st   Gary Emmett    (19)               43 pts

2nd  Ian Pickles          (15)               42 pts

3rd  Frank Jelmo        (7)                 39 pts

B flt    1st New Satita           (30)               36 pts

2nd Jez Lees               (20)               34 pts

3rd Allan Bargison     (23)               34 pts

2’s Christen Boysen,New Satita, Frank Jelmo, Gary Emmett & Jeff Acheson

Monday 8th August      Greenwood  C & B

14 players today for Greenwood not bad for this time of the year, we went out on the back road by Burapha golf course and they have started to resurface the road, but as of today they had just ripped up the ola road and left a dusty mess, maybe when we go up there next week it will all be finished. The course it’s self was not in the best condition with A course closed they had top dressed C course and the overnight rain had soaked the course all the bunkers were full of water completely with nowhere to get a drop only on the edge of the bunker and the water,also they seemed to have had trouble with the greens there were repairs everywhere. We welcomed back from Aus Brad Robin’s & Dennis Freeman along with Darrel Evan’s and Mick Coghlan one of our regulars.1st group out Barry Oat’s ,Paul Cornwell, & Tip dog here was the ever reliable Tip with 34 pts, next group Mike Allidi, Torben Lindgaard & Mogen’s Jensen, this time it was torben who shone with 38 pts Mike was 5 shots back, Then it was the turn of the returning Aussies Brad Robin’s & Dennis Freeman, Mick Coghlan & Darrel Evans, here it was Brad who shot the best of the day with 41 pts followed by Mick with 34 pts to grab 1st in Bflt & 2nd in Aflt & Dennis to get the Near Pin. Then the final group Ian Pickles, Steve Baker,Neil Smith & the Donkey. Neil off his 35hcp was shooting the lights out , out driving all his lower hcp partners to register 23 pts on the front but on the back he came down to earth with 15 pts total 38 pts. Ian Pickles carried on where he left off yesterday at Green Valley 18 pts on the front and 20 pts on the back, Steve was steady but with no luck and a couple of blobs. The Donkey is going through a very barren patch but you never know there might be some clover just over the horizon. Back at Colin’s Barit was free pizza & after the presentation Neil made up for missing out on the prizes by winning the lucky draw snowball.

Aflt    1st Ian Pickles      (15)               38 pts

2nd Mick Coghlan (20)              34 pts

Bflt   1st Brad Robin’s   (22)               41 pts

2nd Torben Lindgaard (29)       38 pts

Near Pin  Dennis Freeman

Friday 12th August     Burapha  A & B

4 x 4 ball’s for today a holiday for the Queen’s Birthday, but Burapha kept the usual rate for us . the course very busy and I could not find a parking space on the car park. But we got off just on time with the usual 4 x ball Christen Boysen,New Satita, Kent Gustavsson and Iain Jones for a change it was the high handicapers who posted the  numbers in this group with Iain jones enjoying his long holiday with 41 pts an New after a bad 1st hole with 36 pts. The next group Torben Lindgaard, Paul Cornwell,Mike Omiya and John Pierrel here it was a battle between the high hcps a nd the low hcps Mike off 8 and Torben off 30 , Torben made the extra shots count with 43 pts but Mikes 41pts gave him a 3 over gross 75 , john and Paul were overshadowed in the low 30’s. The next group Phil Groves Jez Lees,Barry Oats and the Donkey. Now Jez and the Donkey had a private match play game and the donkey went 2 up after 2 holes but a missed short putt on the 3rd was the start of a bad run of holes and Jez took full advantage to finish the front 1 up. But the back was a different story with the 1st 4 holes very tight but then the donkey had 4 pars on the last 5 holes to put Jez firmly in his place, Phil had a steady game with 1 blob and 36 pts. The last group Ian Pickles,Jeff Martin ,Steve Baker and Aidan Murray, Ian the man on fire this week had another good round with 39 pts . Aidan with a monster putt on the last to snatch the long putt prize from the donkey.

A flt  1st  Mike Ominy   (8)              41 pts

2nd Ian Pickles     (15)            39 pts

B flt   !st Torben Lindgaard (30)     43 pts

2nd Iain Jones      (24)              41 pts

Near Pins Barry Oats & Christen Boysen

Long putts  Aidan Murray

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