Cafe Kronborg 11/2

Jan Lovgreen on the left, Tore Eliassen on the right with Dave ‘The Admiral’ in the centre



Cafe Kronborg played Treasure Hill on Monday 11th February, where the Yellow Tees were chosen to give the players a reasonable chance of beating the course, however virtually all the Yellows were less than one inch behind the Whites. The course was in great condition and the greens were a lovely pace, not as fast as they can be. Still Treasure Hill is a course that can reach out and grab you if you’re not completely on your game.

Back in the clubhouse the cards showed that, unsurprisingly, the A Flight faired better than the B Flight and only one player managed to beat their handicap. However, for the second time in a row all 8 winners had 30 plus points.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 23 and the B flight 24 and above.

The A Flight winner was Tore Eliassen with a superb 38 points the score of the day and the only player to beat their handicap. Tore in confident mood is looking forward to more good scores. In second place was Rob Brown with a solid 36 points off his 5 handicap. Rob is the very definition of consistency, I suppose you have to be consistent to play off 5. Third and fourth place were taken by the Kubicki family, with Richard taking third with 35 points and Carole coming in close behind, taking fourth spot with 34 points

In B Flight the winner, for the second time in a row, was Jan Lovgreen with 34 points, Jan playing some great golf and now back with a vengeance. Second and third place were decided on countback with both players having 31 points. Tiziano Dal Pastro taking second place with a countback of 16 points with an impressive 14 points on the last 6 holes. Karen Brown, not to be outdone by her husband Rob, taking third place with 10 points on her last 6 holes. Fourth place was again decided on countback with both Steen Habersaat and Peter Hammond having 30 points. Steen taking fourth with a steady 18 points on the back and Peter losing out with 16 points.

Another hot and steamy day, where the early threat of rain dissipated fairly quickly and despite conditions and tee box anomaly some good golf was played and the course was enjoyed by all.

R & CK


A Flight (0-23)

1st Tore Eliassen (22)                       38 points

2nd Rob Brown (5)                             36 points

3rd Richard Kubicki (10)                  35 points

4th Carole Kubicki (23)                    34 points


B Flight (24 & Above)

1st Jan Lovgreen (25)                       34 points

2nd Tiziano Dal Pastro (25)             31 points (Countback 16 points, 14 on last 6)

3rd Karen Brown (31)                       31 points (Countback 16 points, 10 on last 6)

4th Steen Habersaat (25)                30 points (Countback 18 points, beating Peter Hammond with 16 points)


Near Pins

No.2      Kenneth Madsen

No.6      Carole Kubicki

No.13    Rob Brown

No.17    Rob Brown

Long Putts

No.9      Carole Kubicki

No.18    Peter Hammond

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