Cafe Kronborg 7/1

Dal Pastro on the left Dave Richardson in the middle and Peter Bygballe on the right.

Khao Kheow

7th January 2019

White tees




Cafe Kronborg golfers visited this classy course today and were not disappointed with the condition thereof.

What the golfers in the B Flight did not bargain for was the Italian connection – in the form of Dal Pastro – muscling in with his 37 points with 21on the back and pushing back Peter Hammond with his 37 points and 20 on the back and Jan Lovegreen with his 37 points and 28 on the back!

Our top flight did not have an Italian connection – just a Viking in the form of Peter Bygballe – who regularly plunders the A Flight and did so again today with his 42 points and winning by six shots. We know about him – it’s the Italian connection that worries us – we will have to start watching over our shoulders! Congratulations to our worthy winners.

A Flight 0-20

1st Peter Bygballe (19) 42 points

2nd Jon Dean(10) 36 points(17 on the back)

3rd Brian Gabe(17) 36 points(14 on the back)

4th Henning Olsen(20) 34 points

B Flight 23 and above

1st Dal Pastro(24) 37 points(21 on the back )

2nd Peter Hammond (30) 37 points(20 on the back)

3rd Jan Lovegreen (23) 37 points (18 on the back)

4th Gordon Clegg(26) 31 points

Nearest the pin

C3 Peter Bygballe

C8 Kurt Sandgaard

Longest first putt

B9 Gordon Clegg

C9 Brian Gabe




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