Café Kronborg 6/2

6th February 2020





Café Kronborg golfers again visited this smart Floridian type golf course where frequently scores are high and flattering.

Today the ‘B’ Flight, apart from one golfer,  illustrated that in spite of all our shots we were pretty useless. Usually in the ‘B’ Flight 40 points does not guarantee a podium finish but today low thirties took second and third places,

One of our group from the ‘A’ Flight – who did not score well – said there was something wrong with the greens ! Not sure what he meant as they were green and had a hole in them but maybe the recent  optical illusions from some of our Danes has rubbed off on him!

Even our Danish winner of the ‘A’ Flight and his marker had trouble recording the score. Our winner did not notice that his handicap had gone up from last week and his marker failed to notice that a bogey on a par five when you have two shots is worth three points and not two! Our winners 15 points on the front was adjusted to 16 and his 26 points on the back was adjusted to 27 making his 43 points winning by one!! You can’t fool our organiser – in  a previous life he looked at figures all day!!!

We welcomed Ken and Wendy Bernek returning to Pattaya after an absence of seven years. Lotte Boskov and Arnie Max Peterson returning to Pattaya after being home for Christmas and Martha and Carl Hermansen checking that we are all still around this winter. We also welcomed Malcolm Ralston and Brad Robbins


‘A’ Flight (0-21)

1st Kjeld Jorgensen (20) 43 points

2nd Kjeld Raven (18) 42 points

3rd Brad Robbins (19) 35 points

‘B’ Flight (22+)

1st Malcolm Ralston (25) 39 points

2nd Graham Buckingham ( 25) 34 points

3rd Ronnie Rate (24) 33 points

Nearest the pins

4th Kjeld Ravn

7th Peter Hammond

13th Malcolm Ralston

16th Graham Buckingham

Longest first put

9th Graham Buckingham

18th Graham Buckingham


Kjeld Jorgensen on the left and Malcolm Ralston on the right


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