Cafe Kronborg 6/12


Thursday 6th December 2018

Greenwood A and C – Yellow Tees


Bunker Blues!


The Cafe Kronborg golfers visited this fine golf course where good scores are often hard to find.

The course was in excellent condition apart from some of the bunkers being overfilled with sand to such an extent that balls plugged more than four inches deep in the sandy faces and climbing up the sandy faces was like walking in snow!

City Hall please note if you still want some sand!

I know what you are saying ——you should not hit it in the sand or in the rough or in the water ——but

we all do!

Our worthy winner today clearly kept out of the bunkers and the husband and wife joint winners of the B Flight must have spent a lot of time playing in sand with their grandchildren.

The A Flight (0-23) was won by Brian Gabe(19) with 40 points followed by Ronnie Rattle(22) with 37 and Henning Olsen(20) with 35.

The B Flight winner was Arnie Max Peterson(24) with 35 points beating his wife Lotte Boskov(24) on countback and third place was taken by Elias Magnusson (25) with 34 points.

Near pin – A2 Mission impossible A6 Lotte Boskov C3 Ty Anderson C6 Brian Gabe.

Longest first putt – A9 Arnie Max Peterson C9 Ronnie Rattle.

No farewells but we welcomed back Peter Hammond from the sandy beaches of the South of England!


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