Cafe Kronborg 5/11

Ty Anderson and Lotte Boskov with Dav Richardson


Crystal Bay 5 Nov B&C Stable ford


Crystal Bay B&C loops were the game today two flights today with the cut at handicap  19. back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Ty Anderson from Chesapeake Va


And Robert Estenson from San Antonio TX.


Ty Anderson was the a flight winner with 35 points,Peter Bygballe second on a count back


From Kenneth Madsen third both 34 points.


Lotte Boskov took the b flight with 34 points, Kaj Abbling second with 33 points


And Jan Lovgreen third with 31 points.


A flight 0-19


1st Ty Anderson                                    (10)                   35 points


2nd Peter Bygballe                              (19)                   34 points


3rd Kenneth Madsen                          (14)                   34 points


B flight 20 and above


1st Lotte Boskov                                   (22)                   34 points


2nd Kaj Aabling                                     (23)                   33 points


3rd Jan Lovgreen                                  (21)                   31 points



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