Cafe Kronborg 4/2

Kjeld Jorgensen on the left, Gordon Clegg on the right with Dave ‘The Admiral’ Richardson in the centre.



Cafe Kronborg played Pleasant Valley Monday 4th February, where the course had recently had some rain and was soft in some places, but not on the greens, which were unusually hard and unreceptive, a testament to how good the drainage is on Thai greens. The rain may have also been a factor in the extra slowness of the greens, possibly not cut in the morning due to them being too wet at that time. I have never had a 2 foot putt where 360 blades of grass on the line were each pointing in different directions!

Back in the clubhouse some players had coped with the conditions better than others. The A Flight playing from the Blue tees didn’t help the scoring and only 3 people managed to beat their handicap, of which only 1 was in the A Flight. The organisers were pleasantly surprised to find, unusually, there were no countbacks at all.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 22 and the B flight 23 and above.

The A Flight winner was Kjeld Jorgensen with a superb 37 points. Kjeld at last coming to terms with golf in Thailand and showing his real ability. Second was Ronnie Ratte with a sound 36 points, Ronnie returning after recent knee work and starting to play at his best again. Third was Ty Anderson with a very respectable 35 points, Ty becoming a regular on the podium.

In B Flight Gordon Clegg was the winner with another glorious 40 point haul, sweeping the rest of B Flight into the lesser placings. Looking back at the 5th hole par 3, I saw Gordon’s tee shot from 160 yards and it was quality, worthy of any single figure handicapper. It rolled to a finish less than 5 feet from the flag and a near pin prize and 4 point birdie was the result, the rest being history. Tiziano Dal Pastro was second with a superb 37 points. Tiziano struggling recently, but not today. Third was Birgit Jorgensen with 35 points, another good score from her, ensuring both of the Jorgensen family were in the prizes.

A good day was had by all and the journey back in the oldest mini bus in the world didn’t seem so bad, a few z’s making the journey that bit shorter.

R & CK


A Flight (0-22)

1st Kjeld Jorgensen (21)                 37 points

2nd Ronnie Ratte (22)                       36 points

3rd Ty Andersen (13)                       35 points


B Flight (23 & Above)

1st Gordon Clegg (26)                      40 points

2nd Tiziano Dal Pastro (24)             37 points

3rd Birgit Jorgensen (31)                35 points


Near Pins

No.5      Gordon Clegg

No.8      Ragna Petursdottir

No.13    Gary Tuthill

No.17    Richard Kubicki

Long Putts

No.9      Ragna Petursdottir

No.18    Kjeld Ravn

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