Café Kronborg 4/12

The test today was Crystal Bay or was it? We headed up the seven amidst rumours that they had lost our booking. On arrival the check in was quiet and they could easily accommodate our four groups. We teed off in a strong breeze, which kept the temperature down. The breeze continued all day and made some holes seem very short and some very long. The putting appeared difficult for the group I was in, but Svend Gaarde had no problem on the greens. Svend won the B flight, and two long putts. Svend squeezed out Peter Hammond on a tight countback, going down to the last three holes. The score of the day came from the A flight with Henning Olsen shooting an impressive 40 points.


A flight 0-21                                                                                      B flight 22 & above

1st Henning Olsen (21) 40 pts                                    1st Svend Gaarde (23) 35 pts (8L/3)

2nd Ulf Larsson (14) 36 pts                                         2nd Peter Hammond (31) 35pts (6 L/3)

3rd Rob Brown (7) 35 pts                                            3rd Karl Beter (35) 34 pts

Long putts: #C9 Svend Gaarde #A9 Svend Gaarde

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