Cafe Kronborg 30/10

 Plutaluang was the game today down Sukumvit for 40 minutes.easy checking

And off n 1 30 minutes early under partly cloudy skies with a short shower with 2 holes to go.

The course was ok but very wet under foot as it towards the end of the rainy season.

Back in the clubhouse it was welcome back to Gordon Clegg.two flights today with the cut at handicap 19.

Dave Addison took the a flight with 36 points,Ronnie Ratte second with 35 points

And anders pedersen third with 31 points.

Steen Habersaat took the b flight with 37 points,Elias Magnusson second with 34

Points and gordon clegg third with 31 points

A flight o- 19

1st Dave Addison                                        (15)                                                36 Points

2nd Ronnie Ratte                                       (19)                                                 35 Points

3rd Anders Pedersen                                (7)                                                   31 Points

B Flight 20 And Up

1st Steen Habersaat                                  (23)                                                 37 Points

2nd Elias Magnusson                              (23)                                                  34 Points

3rd Gordon Clegg                                    (31)                                                   31 Points

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