Café Kronborg 30/12

30th December 2019

Pattaya Country Club

Surprise Surprise at Pattaya Country Club!!!

Richard Kubicki on the right with Graham Buckingham


Café Kronborg golfers today went to Pattaya Country Club. Not expecting to find this golf course in the best of condition we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was and as some members of our group said – ” this is the best condition this course has ever been in !!”

Not sure what has been going on here but the course was extremely well presented – none of the usual moans and groans and even the old ropey 16th green looked like the surface of a pool table!

Somebody or some bodies know what they are doing here and the reputation of this course has in our view been substantially enhanced – ” We (I) shall return”!!

In spite of the excellent condition nobody beat the course today apart from the youthful Graham Buckingham who pillaged the ‘B’ Flight with his 37 points from the ladies tees – oops – sorry the silver tees leaving the old fogies to scrap over the minor places. C’est la vie – T.I.T.

Richard Kubicki admirably won the ‘A’ Flight with his 35 points – playing from the men’s tees!!!!


‘A’ Flight ( 0-21)

1st Richard Kubicki (12) 35 points

2nd Andre Van Dyk (14) 33 points

3rd Brian Gabe (18) 31 points


‘B’ Flight (22+)

1st Graham Buckingham (27) 37 points

2nd Daryl Evans (23) 33 points

3rd Tiziano Dal Pastro (25) 28 points


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