Café Kronborg 30/1

30th January 2020

The Emerald




Café Kronborg golfers today went to this excellent but difficult golf course. This is not a course for the faint hearted but a course for true golfers who appreciate that only playing on Floridian type flat courses is not necessarily a good test of golfing ability!

They say that emerald can be more valuable that diamond and that emerald is believed to bring good fortune and restore faith and hope – Not sure, having regard to our poor scores today, when the good fortune and restoration of faith and hope kicks in – for us it was certainly not during the round!

One of our golfers thrives on a challenge and keeps adding to his good fortune namely in form Richard Kubicki who won the ‘A’ Flight with an impressive 39 points easily the best score of the day – with his wife securing third place in the ‘B’ Flight with her 27 points. In the ‘B’ Flight the roles were reversed with Ulla Raven winning with 33 points and her husband Kjeld taking second place in the ‘A’ Flight with his 35 points. Happy Families!!

‘A’ Flight (0-20 )

1st Richard Kubicki (11) 39 points

2nd Kjeld Raven (19) 35 points

3rd Kjeld Jorgensen (19) 28 points

‘B’ Flight ( 21+)

Ist Ulla Ravn ( 36) 33 points

2nd Peter Hammond (30) 27 points

3rd Carole Kubicki (21) 27 points

Longest first putts

9th Richard Kubicki

18th Henning Olsen


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