Cafe Kronborg 29/3



Cafe Kronborg played Pattaya Country Club Thursday 29th March for their final round of the season, with many people returning to whence they came to enjoy spring in colder but hopefully less wet climes.

The recent rains had given the course a good soaking and playing off the front nine fairways was like hitting the ball off a water filled sponge. Bizarrely the back nine were their usual dry and hard self. The pins were mainly placed on the front of the greens in an attempt to counter the lack of any roll on the fairways, especially on the front nine, which meant overall the course was a reasonable challenge.

Back in the clubhouse the cards showed that scores were pretty good, no-one in the A flight making less than 30 points and the B flight not far behind.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 20 and the B flight 21 and above.

The A Flight winner was Pattaya Country Club specialist Jon Dean who had a superb 41 points, which I guess was pretty exceptional even for him as he took a picture of his card for future admiration. A disappointed Kenneth Madsen was second with a rock solid 39 points, Kenneth recovering in style from a bad day on Monday. Third was Richard Kubicki with 37 points, things starting to get a bit tougher for Richard with his new lower 12 handicap.

In B Flight Gordon Clegg had a sterling 39 points to take first place, his recent excellent scores point towards another impending handicap reduction which will make things a bit harder. Second and third place was decided on countback with 2 players having a solid 35 points. The same two players who had the countback battle for first and second place on Monday battled it out once more. Karen Brown again finished the stronger of the 2 with an 18 point countback to take second place, Jan Lovgreen took third place with a countback of 17 points, a difference of only one shot on the countback again. Well done Karen and bad luck Jan.

As the high season comes to a close we would like to thank Bjarne & Kran & their staff at Cafe Kronborg for their continued hospitality, perfectly chilled beer, & great food & snacks & we look forward to seeing them all again next year.

R & CK


A Flight (0-20)

1st Jon Dean (12)                               41 points

2nd Kenneth Madsen (15)              39 points

3rd Richard Kubicki (12)                  37 points


B Flight (21 & Above)

1st Gordon Clegg (24)                      39 points

2nd Karen Brown (33)                      35 points (Countback 18 points)

3rd Jan Lovgreen (22)                      35 points (Countback 17 points)


Near Pins

No.5      Kenneth Madsen

No.7      Ronnie Ratte

No.12    Jan Lovgreen

No.16    Carole Kubicki

Long Putts

No.9      Carole Kubicki

No.18    Eddie (the Eagle) Glinsek

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