Cafe Kronborg 29/12



Cafe Kronborg played at Pleasant Valley on Thursday 29th December, a popular place with some of the best views of any clubhouse.

The model windmill at the back of the club house was whizzing round at breakneck speed, which didn’t bode well for the days golf. However the scores were pretty good considering, playing from the white tees more than compensating for the blustery conditions. All the winners managed to beat their handicaps, but those of us who struggled did so badly.

The course was in its usual pretty good condition with greens which were slow going uphill and occasionally quicker than expected going downhill, due to the pins being in their toughest places on some of the greens.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 22 and the B flight 23 and above.

The A Flight winner was decided on countback with both 1st and 2nd having a fine 40 points, Peter Bygballe came up victorious, beating Ronnie Ratte into 2nd. Rob Brown came 3rd with the not uncommon trick of shooting your locker number which was a sterling 77 off the stick, to give him an impressive 39 points off his 8 handicap.

B Flight for a change had no countbacks. Elias Magnusson took 1st place with a superb 41 points, the best score of the day. Torben Sorensen came 2nd with another fine 40 points and Svend Gaarde came 3rd with 37 points.

R & CK

A Flight (0-22)

1st Peter Bygballe (19)                    40 points (Countback 20 points)

2nd Ronnie Ratte (18)                      40 points (Countback 19 points)

3rd Rob Brown (8)                             39 points

B Flight (23 & Above)

1st Elias Magnusson (23)                                41 points

2nd Torben Sorensen (27)             40 points

3rd Svend Gaarde (28)                    37 points

Near Pins

No.5      Rob Brown

No.13    Karen Brown

No.17    Peter Bygballe

Long Putts

9th           Peter Bygballe

18th         Susan Gaarde

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