Cafe Kronborg 29/10

Jan Lovgreen and Brian Gabe with Dave Richardson


Today was the start of our 2018/19 high season wrap around season starting with

Pattavia.the course was in fine shape even though the fast greens had been cored and sanded as we played.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 20.

Brian Gabe took the a flight with 31 points,Peter Bygballe second with 29 points and

Ronnie ratte third with 25 points.

Jan Lovgreen won the b flight with 33 points, Daryl Evans second with 30 points,

And Arne max Pedersen third with 27 points

A flight 0-20

1st Brian Gabe                          (17)                  31 points

2nd Peter Bygballe                 (19)                  29 points

3rd Ronnie Ratte                     (20)                  25 points

B flight 21 and above

1st Jan Lovgreen                     (21)                  33 points


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