Cafe Kronborg 28/12



Cafe Kronborg played at Pattaya Country Club on Thursday 28th December for their last round of 2017, where the course was in reasonable condition and with most of the greens ok, but the odd one or two not running true. Tight lies on the fairway and some malicious pin positions were bound to limit the scoring and this was the case, with only one person playing to their handicap.

The journey was a brisk half an hour, the superb new underpass allowing us to leave Pattaya without any delay.

Back in the clubhouse cards bore witness to the tricky conditions.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 23 and the B flight 24 and above.

The A Flight winner with a solid 35 points was Walter Baechli, joining us after his cycling tour of Sri Lanka. Brian Gabe was second on countback with 33 points, relegating Daryl Evans to third place. Daryl having 11 points on the last 6 holes compared to Brian’s 12.

In B Flight Jan Lovgreen was the man, winning with 36 points, the best score of the day and the only person to play to their handicap. John Costello was second with 32 points. Third place was decided on countback, two players having 30 points. Kurt Sandgaard taking the spoils, knocking out Peter Hammond who had 13 points on the back compared to Kurt’s 17 points.

Carole and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and hope that 2018 is a great year both for golf and for all other things.

R & CK


A Flight (0-23)

1st Walter Baechli (17)                    35 points

2nd Brian Gabe (18)                          33 points (Countback 12 points on last 6)

3rd Daryl Evans (23)                          33 points (Countback 12 points on last 6)


B Flight (24 & Above)

1st Jan Lovgreen (24)                       36 points

2ndJohn Costello (32)                      32 points

3rd Kurt Sandgaard (32)                  30 points (Countback 17 points, beating Peter Hammond who had 13 points)

Near Pins

  1. John Costello
  2. Andre Van Dyke

Long Putts

  1. Walter Baechli
  2. Jan Lovgreen

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