Café Kronborg 28/11

Treasure Hill was the examination today for the golfers from Café Kronborg. It would appear that not many passed the examination. The conditions were quite breezy but it was probably the speed of the greens that caught most people out. If you were unable to leave an uphill putt, you could walk off the green with nothing to show for your efforts.

The winner today was Deryl Neufeld with an outstanding 36 points. Deryl admitted to also having a few four putts but the rest of his game was superb. Jan Lovgreen was a close second with 35 points before a big gap to the also rans.


1st Deryl Neufeld (15) 36 pts

2nd Jan Lovgreen (25) 35 pts

3rd Peter Bygballe (17) 29 pts

4th Henning Olsen (21) 28 pts

5th Karen Brown (27) 27 pts  

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