Cafe Kronborg 27/10

        Bangpakong was the game today up route 7 for just over an hour.swift checkin

And off the first tee 10 minutes early under partly cloudy skies and hot coditions with a storm just  as

The last group finished.the course has recovered nicely from the damaged in june just about back to

Its old self.we have booked dec 22 for the Christmas Fayre here.

        Back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to paul seaford from the Uk and Fred tam from

Hong Kong.two flights today with the cut at handicap 23 and 2 pins.

Brian Gabe won the a flight with 38 points,Arne Max Pedersen second with 36 points

Lotte boskov third with 33 points and Ronnie Ratte fourth with 32 points.

       Kenny Chung won the b flight with 41 points,Daryl Evans second with 37 points,Graham Buckingham third with 36 points and jan lovgreen fourth with 34 points.

A flight 0-23

1st Brian Gabe                                                           (18)                                   38 Points

2nd Arne Max Pedersen                                        (20)                                   36 Points

3rd Lotte Boskov                                                     (20)                                   33 Points

4th Ronnie Ratte                                                     (21)                                    32 Points

B Flight 24 And Up

1st Kenny Chung                                                    (25)                                     41 Points

2nd Daryl Evans                                                     (25)                                     37 Points

3rd Graham Buckingham                                  (26)                                      36 Points

4th Jan Lovgreen                                                  (24)                                      34 Points 

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