Cafe Kronborg 27/02

Monday 27th February 2017
Pattaya Country Club ( white tees )
Cafe Kronborg golfers visited Pattaya Country Club today full of expectations but unfortunately we had to tolerate a frustratingly slow check in followed by having to play on ridiculously slow greens!
Before play a sign in the pro shop stated that the greens were 8 on the stimpmetre but putting clearly showed that they probably didn’t even reach 6. A Thai speaking member of our group spoke to his male caddy who informed him that the greens had recently been treated and that they were being allowed to grow before cutting to a sensible height! We all understand that work has to be carried out on greens but it seems unreasonable and uncaring not to be notified in advance of play as to the condition of the greens. At my club in England the head greenkeepers has a notice board near the first tee notifying golfers of any work that has been carried out on the course that could affect their enjoyment of their round and consequently golfers then know what to expect and accordingly control their emotions. Today every golfer in our group was complaining about the greens.
There is something not right about this golf course – it should have everything going for it with its close proximity to Pattaya, it’s modern club house and the course layout.This course is not cheap and time and time again golfers complain about the greens. It does not seem that lessons have been learnt from the manner in which the likes of Pattavia and Treasure Hills have worked on their courses and looked after their customers.As it has been said before this course does not come up too scratch!!
We had two flights today. The ‘A’ flight was 0-21 and won by Henning Olsen with 36 points due to two birdies on the back nine par fives. Second and third places were taken by Kjeld Ravn and Lotte Boskov with 33 points follows by Arne Max Pedersen in fourth place with 32 points.
The ‘B’ flight was 22 and above and was won by Elias Magnusson with a fine 41 points. Elias told me he had one putted most greens but I think he must have used something like a croquet mallet as a putter. Daryl Evans with 37 points was in second place and Kurt Sandgaard with 36 points was in third place and only the fourth player in our group to play to his/her handicap. Bringing up the rear was Peter Hammond with 32 points.
“Crumble corner” namely the 16th 17th and 18th had many victims today. There were only five players who made par on the 16th par three, only one player made par on the 17th and on the 18th with its difficult approach shot only three players made par and one player made birdie. Don’t plan your acceptance speech until you pas these holes!
Today it was time to say goodbye to four players – Ulla and Kjeld and Richard and Carole Kubicki.
Richard and Carole have been stalwarts of Cafe Kronborg for many years. For the last few months
Richard and Carole have been running our golf with the assistance of Dave Richardson doing the leg work in the background. Their contribution has been immense and all Kronborg golfers appreciate and thank them for their hard work.
A flight 0-21
1st Henning Olsen (15) 36 points
2nd Kjeld Ravn (17) 33 points
3rd Lotte Boskov (21) 33 points
4th Arne Max Pedersen (19) 32 points

B flight 22 and above
1st Elias Magnusson (23) 41 points
2nd Daryl Evans (23) 37 points
3rd Kurt Sandgaard (34) 36 points
4th Peter Hammond (26) 32 points

Nearest the pins
5 Kjeld Ravn
7 John Bachmann
12 Peter Bygballe
16 Carole Kubicki

Longest first putt
9 Carole Kubicki
18 Henning Olsen

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