Café Kronborg 27/1


Bunkered?! and Greenwood!!

I don’t miss much in Pattaya – apart from short putts – but it has recently been pointed out to me that a few weeks ago a local golfing group published an article claiming that its group was possibly the only non profit golf society in Pattaya!

Actions have consequences and we golfers at Café Kronborg would like to make it clear that we are not – have never been – and will never be a profit making golf organisation. To be otherwise would besmirch the integrity and reputation of Café Kronborg and its owner and our hard working volunteers. Non profit making golf has been run from Café Kronborg for possibly longer than any other golf outlet in Pattaya. At one time it was the home of Pattaya Sports Club and its owner Bjarne Nielsen is Standing Chair on the PSC Committee!

Talking of Bunkers , Café Kronborg golfers today went to Greenwood where one member of our group, who is personal and very close to my heart, thought he would test the bunkers on all but two holes and each time he was found wanting – actions have consequences!!

Another member of our group – who is certainly not into bondage – but possibly fearing being bunkered – locked himself into his seat belt and could not leave the mini bus upon arrival at Greenwood. To our great amusement all attempts by our members and the driver to unshackle him failed and we exited the bus leaving our member to negotiate with the driver whether cutting the seat belt to release him was a real possibility. I do not know who lost face but our member eventually made his tee time and had a good round – actions have consequences!!

We welcomed Ejnar Utoft. Kjeld Jorgensen and Steen Habersaat and our winners today were the inform Danish duo of Henning Olsen and Jan Lovgreen.

‘A’ Flight (0-22)

1st Henning Olsen (19) 41 points

2nd Kjeld  Ravn(19) 39 points

3rd Carole Kubicki (21) 34 points

‘B’ Flight (23+)

1st Jan Lovgreen (26) 38 points

2nd Tiziano Dal Pastro ( 26) 35 points

3rd Kurt Sandgaard ( 34) 34 points

Longest first putts

9th Henning Olsen

18th Eddie Glinsek





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