Cafe Kronborg 26/3



Cafe Kronborg played at Pleasant Valley on Monday 26th March for the penultimate game of the season. The course was in good condition, but the greens were showing signs of the courses popularity with many repaired pitch marks not having had chance to recover. Putting was therefore somewhat dependant on how many of these were on your line.

The weather was kind and rain stayed away making for a very pleasant day’s golf at Pleasant Valley.

We tee’d off virtually as soon as we got to the first tee, with little or no time for any practice for the early groups. The flights played off different tees with A flight off the blue tees and B flight off the forward white tees and ladies off their usual red tees, this was bound to have a bearing on the scores for the day.

Sure enough the A flight found it much harder than the B flight with no-one in the A flight beating their handicap and yet 37 points not being good enough to win a prize in the B flight.

The 2 flights were A flight 0 to 21 and the B flight 22 and above.

The A Flight winner was decided on countback with 2 players having 33 points. Ronnie Ratte was the winner with a sterling countback of 21 points after struggling on the front. Nice to see Ronnie playing well after a period in the doldrums. Carole Kubicki was second with a countback of 15 points, not quite being able to maintain the momentum of the 18 points on the front nine. Third was the ever present Rob Brown with 32 points and a countback of 16 points, narrowly beating Graeme Lomas who only managed 15 points on countback.

In B Flight again the winner was decided on countback with 2 players having 39 points, the best score of the day. Karen Brown, Rob’s better half, took first place with a countback of 19 points, Karen joining the Brown’s family dominance party following Rob’s recent multiple wins. In second place was Jan Lovgreen, also with 39 points and joining Karen with the best score of the day, but only managing 17 points on the countback. Marie Jany was third with 38 points, her best score of the season which was on her last game and was also the first time she has played Pleasant Valley. Well done to Marie.

R & CK


A Flight (0-21)

1st Ronnie Ratte (20)                       33 points (Countback 21 points)

2nd Carole Kubicki (21)                    33 points (Countback 15 points)

3rd Rob Brown (6)                             32 points (Countback 16 points, beating Graeme Lomas’s 15 point countback)


B Flight (22 & Above)

1st Karen Brown (33)                       39 points (Countback 19 points)

2nd Jan Lovgreen (22)                      39 points (Countback 17 points)

3rd Marie Jany (27)                           38 points


Near Pins

#5.          Graeme Lomas

#8.          Ronnie Ratte

#13.       Carole Kubicki

#17.       Dave Richardson

Long Putts

#9.          Ronnie Ratte

#18.       Kenneth Madsen


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