Cafe Kronborg 26/2



Cafe Kronborg played at Pattaya Country Club on Monday 26th February. The views of the course were mixed, some people thought it was in good condition, others thought it was in average condition, some people thought the greens were slow, others thought the greens were fast. I suppose it depended on where your ball finished up on the course and on the greens.

The journey to the course was a delight, around half an hour. A boon going, but not enough time for a doze coming back.

Tee off was a little early, despite having to wait on the tee for a couple of groups who weren’t there for their now earlier tee time. The course moved well and no delays were noted. Pleasantly for a change the course played a little easier today, with most of the field making at least 30 points. This meant that if you didn’t beat your handicap in the A flight and if you weren’t near to your handicap in the B flight, you weren’t in the prizes.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 20 and the B flight 21 and above.

The A Flight winner was Rob Brown with 39 points, the best score of the day and the lowest gross playing off his 8 handicap. I’m sure a further handicap reduction beckons for Rob, due to his impressive consistency. Rob was in the second group and managed to put his name on every near pin and long putt, highlighting his accuracy, however, he was perplexed to find that they had all been beaten by the end of the day. Second place was decided on countback with 2 players tied on 38 points. Jon Dean, a Pattaya CC specialist, came second with a countback of 20 points and a disappointed Ty Anderson coming third with a countback of 19 points, Ty hitting a bit of form recently and making the winners enclosure a few times, but no top spot yet. Fourth was Peter Bygballe with 37 points, another player finding his form.

In B Flight a welcome new addition to the winners circle was a surprised Birgit Jorgensen, having a proper PSC handicap for the first time and making good use of it with a solid 35 points and taking top spot. Second, third and fourth places were decided on countback with 3 players making 34 points. Jan Lovgreen was in second place with a countback of 16 points and 12 points on the last 6. Kurt Sandgaard was third with a countback of 16 points and 10 points on the last 6. Returning to form after struggling with an injury which had impaired his ability to turn was the Admiral Dave Richardson, taking fourth place with a countback of 15 points and a roar of approval from the group.


R & CK


A Flight (0-20)

1st Rob Brown (8)                             39 points

2nd Jon Dean (12)                              38 points (Countback 20 points)

3rd Ty Anderson (12)                       38 points (Countback 19 points)

4th Peter Bygballe (19)                    37 points


B Flight (21 & Above)

1st Birgit Jorgensen (31)                 35 points

2nd Jan Lovgreen (22)                      34 points (Countback 16 points, 12 points on last 6)

3rd Kurt Sandgaard (34)                  34 points (Countback 16 points, 10 points on last 6)

4th Dave Richardson (30)               34 points (Countback 15 points)


Near Pins

#5.          Jon Dean

#7.          Kjeld Jorgensen

#12.       Jon Dean

#16.       Torben Sorensen

Long Putts

#9.          Birgit Jorgensen

#18.       Kenneth Madsen


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