Cafe Kronborg 26/01



Cafe Kronborg played Pleasant Valley one of their more popular venues on Thursday 26th January. I had to do a double take and make an inspection, because when we arrived the windmill out the back was not moving. Ah seized up I thought, in need of a bit of oil maybe. On closer inspection the windmill was found to be in perfect working order, there was just a total lack of wind!

The course management were perhaps expecting some wind as the greens were pretty long and hairy, causing great rafts of grain to appear and threaten putts in all directions. As it happened if you hit the putt hard enough to get to the hole it pretty much went through all the grain unaffected.

With these conditions we didn’t know what scores to expect today and early on they didn’t look all that good, but once again the latter groups raised the standards.

Carole again took on presentation duties as my voice was still refusing to work at the correct level of decibels.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 22 and the B flight 23 and above.

The A Flight winner was Ronnie Ratte with another fine score of 43 points, equalling the score of the day. Jan Lovgreen, having his first showing in the A flight for a while, took second place with a solid 39 points, even with his lower restricted handicap. Kenneth Madsen came third with 38 points and Henry Wong was fourth with 34 points.

In B Flight Kai Aabling took the spoils matching the best score of the day with 43 points, winning B flight 7 points clear of his nearest rival. Fred Tam had a very respectable 36 points to claim second spot. Third and fourth place were decided on countback with two players having 33 points and Torben Sorensen beating Gordon Clegg into 4th with 14 points on the last 6 as opposed to Gordons 13 points.

It has to be said that none of us as getting any younger and we are all prone to the odd senior moment, but Torben took the biscuit today. We arrived at the course and Torbens clubs did not arrive, this kind of thing is always a worry to us golfers. Torben said he handed the clubs to the driver, but they were nowhere to be seen. Had the driver left his clubs at the Kronborg, never happened before! No, it turns out Torben had picked up the wrong set! Torben, get yourself a pink bag so you won’t make the same mistake again!

R & CK


A Flight (0-22)

1st Ronnie Ratte (18)                       43 points

2nd Jan Lovgreen (22)                      39 points

3rd Kenneth Madsen (16)             38 points

4th Henry Wong (21)                        34 points


B Flight (23 & Above)

1st Kai Aabling (23)                           43 points

2nd Fred Tam (26)                             36 points

3rd Torben Sorensen (25)              33 points (count back 14 points on last 6)

4th Gordon Clegg (33)                     33 points (countback 13 points on last 6)


Near Pins

No.5      Kjeld Ravn

No.8      Richard Kubicki

No.13    Kai Aabling

No.17    Ulla Ravn

Long Putts

No.9      Henry Wong

No.18    Henry Wong

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