Café Kronborg 26/12

Thursday 26th December 2019


Danish Double!


Café Kronborg golfers today went to Pattavia to seek Boxing Day presents.

This is another sensible priced golf course which is well supported and where the management seem to have listened to constructive criticism concerning the speed of the greens . There was a time when the speed of the greens could make a good man cry and where counting putts per round was often not a good idea!

The speed of the greens is now more user friendly and with their excellent caddies too many putts can no longer be used as an excuse for poor scoring!

In form Dane – Henning Olsen – with his fourth win this month – took out the ‘A’ Flight and his compatriot Jan Lovgreen secured the ‘B’ Flight –  each with 39 points.

‘A’ Flight ( 0-23)

1st Henning Olsen (20) 39 points

2nd Jan Roger Ulriksen (18) 34 points

3rd Richard Kubicki (12) 33 points

‘B’ Flight ( 24+)

1st Jan Lovgreen (26) 39 points

2nd Peter Hammond (31) 34 points

3rd Tiziano Dal Pastro (25) 33 points


Henning Olsen on the left

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