Café Kronborg 25/11

Kaj Aabling, a name that is always top of any list, if it’s alphabetical, got a hole in one. It was Kaj’s first hole in one and was achieved at the third hole at Eastern Star. One bounce on the green, hit the pin and disappeared into the hole, congratulations Kaj !

The course was tough but fair in breezy conditions, with no one shooting better than their handicap. The A flight was won by Ronnie Ratte with a fine 36 points. The scores in both flights were similar, which is unusual, normally one flight seems to fair better. Also with 36 points Jan Lovgreen took the honours in the B flight.


A flight (0-22)

1st Ronnie Ratte (21) 36 pts

2nd Peter Bygballe (17) 34 pts

3rd Rob Brown (7) 33 pts

B flight (23 up)

1st Jan Lovgreen (25) 36 pts

2nd Kaj Aabling (24) 33 pts

3rd Lotte Boskov (24) 30 pts

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