Cafe Kronborg 24/10

Pattaya cc was the game 25 minutes enroute, coming back the pattaya off ramp onto  7 is closed for

Construction. easy check in and off the first tee 1 hour early under partly sunny skies and very hot conditions.

The course was in fair condition with 3 fairways being sanded and quick greens.

Back in the clubhouse welcome went out to Steen Habersatt,Arne Max Pedersen ,Lotte Boskov and Anders

Pedersen all from Denmark,Brian Gabe Fron The Usa Ans Dave Addison from the UK.two flights today with the cut at Handicap 20.

Arne Max Pedersen took the a flight with a fine 41 points,Peter Bygeballe second with 40 points,

Brian Gabe third with 34 points and Anders Pedersen fourth with 33 points

Darl Evans won the b flight with the best score of the day 43 points,Elias Magnusson second

With 37 points ,Jan Lovgreen third on a countback from Steen Habesatt fourth beating Dave Richardson all 32 points.

A flight 0-20

1st Arne Max Pedersen                                                    (20)                                  41 Points

2nd Peter Bygeballe                                                         (19)                                   40 Points

3rd Brian Gabe                                                                   (18)                                   34 Points

4th Anders Pedersen                                                        (8)                                     33 Points

B Flight 21 And Up

1st Daryl Evans                                                                 (25)                                    43 Points

2nd Elias Magnusson                                                    (25)                                    37 Points

3rd Jan Lovgreen                                                            (24)                                     32 Points

4th Steen Habersaat                                                     (25)                                      32 Points


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